Online Betting - Strategies and Tips

Online betting - Strategies and Tips

Bankroll Management: Your Cricket Piggy Bank

Imagine you've saved up ₹5,000 from your pocket money, and you're super excited to dive into the world of cricket betting. But hold on! Don't spend it all on one India vs. Pakistan match. That's where bankroll management comes in. Think of it as deciding how many chocolates you can eat each day from a big box you got on your birthday. If you eat them all at once, there's none left for later! Similarly, decide beforehand how much of your ₹5,000 you'll bet on each match. Maybe ₹500? This way, even if you lose a bet, you've got plenty left for future games.

Betting the Favourites vs. Betting the Underdogs

Imagine a cricket match where India, with their stellar track record, is playing against Bangladesh. India might be the favourites with decimal odds of 1.30. This means if you bet ₹1,000 on India and they win, you'd get ₹1,300 back - your initial ₹1,000 plus a profit of ₹300. On the other hand, Bangladesh, being the underdogs, might have odds of 3.50. So, if you have a hunch and bet ₹1,000 on them, and they pull off an upset, you'd get a whopping ₹3,500 back!

Now, let's jump to football. Picture a high-voltage match between Manchester United and Chelsea. If Manchester United has been on a winning streak lately, they might be the favourites with odds of 1.60. A ₹1,000 bet on them would return ₹1,600 if they clinch a victory. Chelsea, perhaps having faced recent setbacks, might be the underdogs with odds of 2.40. Betting ₹1,000 on Chelsea could net you ₹2,400 if they manage to turn the tables.

But what about "over/under" bets? This isn't about who wins but about the total number of goals scored in the match. Let's say the bookmaker sets the over/under at 2.5 for the Manchester United vs. Chelsea game. If you think it's going to be a goal fest and bet ₹1,000 on "over", you'd win if 3 or more goals are scored in total, regardless of who scores them. Conversely, if you bet on "under", you're hoping for 2 goals or fewer.

In essence, betting on favourites might seem safer, but the payouts are often smaller. Underdogs, while riskier, can offer bigger rewards. And with over/under bets, you're not picking sides but rather predicting the flow of the game. Whatever you choose, remember to research, trust your instincts, and most importantly, enjoy the game!

Making a Book - Book Set (Profit/Loss Booking)

In cricket betting, the term "making a book" refers to the process of ensuring a profit regardless of the match's outcome. This strategy is also known as "hedging" in betting terminology.

Cricket Example (India vs. Pakistan):

Let's say you initially bet ₹1,000 on India to win at odds of 2.0. This means if India wins, you stand to gain ₹2,000 (your initial ₹1,000 stake plus ₹1,000 profit). However, as the match progresses, let's assume Pakistan starts performing exceptionally well, and you believe there's a good chance they might win. To hedge your bet, you could then place another bet of, say, ₹1,000 on Pakistan to win at odds of 3.0. If Pakistan wins, you'd get ₹3,000 (your ₹1,000 stake plus ₹2,000 profit).

Now, let's break it down:

If India wins, you gain ₹2,000 from that bet but lose your ₹1,000 bet on Pakistan, netting a profit of ₹1,000.

If Pakistan wins, you gain ₹3,000 from that bet but lose your ₹1,000 bet on India, netting a profit of ₹2,000.

Either way, you're making a profit!

Football Example (Manchester United vs. Chelsea):

Imagine you place a bet of ₹1,500 on Manchester United to win against Chelsea at odds of 2.5. If Manchester United wins, you'd get ₹3,750 (₹1,500 stake plus ₹2,250 profit). However, as the game progresses, let's say Chelsea scores an early goal, and you believe they might hold onto their lead. To hedge, you could place a bet of ₹1,500 on Chelsea to win at odds of 2.8. If Chelsea wins, you'd get ₹4,200 (₹1,500 stake plus ₹2,700 profit).

Breaking it down:

If Manchester United wins, you gain ₹3,750 from that bet but lose your ₹1,500 bet on Chelsea, netting a profit of ₹2,250.

If Chelsea wins, you gain ₹4,200 from that bet but lose your ₹1,500 bet on Manchester United, netting a profit of ₹2,700.