12 Facts About Keshav Maharaj: The Indian Origin Spin Specialist For The Proteas

Keshav Maharaj is a South African left-arm orthodox spinner and lower-order batsman from Natal. He has evolved into a brilliant South African spin bowler on the domestic cricket circuit and is in pursuit of leaving his mark in the test series against Australia. 

Here are some interesting facts about the pride of South Africa and leading spin bowler Keshav Maharaj:

There are hundreds of Keshav Maharaj news stories flooding the internet, but the most prominent and most searched of them all is regarding the cricketer's Indian origin.

  1. The forefathers of the South African spinner were among the indentured labourers of the 19th century who migrated to South Africa from Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, in 1874. The surname Maharaja became popular in the country after Keshav started representing the country Internationally and with excellence. The cricketer was destined to reach international heights, as predicted by Kiran More when Maharaj was only three years old. However, the predictions motivated the adults in the house to develop the chubby kids' potential to reach international standards. Keshav Maharaja’s test record of 56 wickets in 15 tests for a pace-dominant South Africa team is no mean achievement. 
  1. The cricketer was born on a beach in Durban on February 7, 2020.  
  1. Keshav Maharaj started playing cricket at the tender age of 2 but switched to Football and pursued the sport until the age of thirteen. When the cricketer finally jumped back into cricket to play the sport full-time. 
  1. His journey as a cricketer began as a seamer and batsman in the Baker Mini-Cricket Program, a development scheme for primary school kids.  
  1. As per Keshav Maharaj's news from a Sunday Independent interview, the cricketer switched to spin bowling in the heat of the moment, when he was raging in the net, and nobody stopped him from doing so. Ever since the bowling style stuck and changed the cricketer's fortune. 
  1. Keshav Maharaj is a total foodie. It is said the cricketer's careless eating habit cost him an under-19 World Cup berth in 2008. He was possibly ignored due to his weight and health issues.
  1. Keshav Maharaj’s debut match for professional cricket was at the age of 20 for Kwa-Zulu Natal in 2006–7 before switching to Dolphins in 2009.
  1. After losing a big opportunity in the under-19 World Cup berth selection. The cricketer worked hard on his body transition. The cricketer soon emerged as a slimmer version of himself, bagging a rookie contract with the Dolphins and continuing to make progress at the provincial level. He was in the sixth position in the first-class wicket-taker chart in 2014-15 with a score of 36 to 29.38. 
  1. Keshav Maharaj’s debut match on November 3, 2016, against Australia at the Western Australian Cricket Association (WACA) Stadium in Perth fulfilled his father’s long-awaited dream. Making Keshav Maharaj the first spinner to debut at this venue. 
  1. Keshav Maharaj is very fond of cooking. If he were not a cricketer, he would most probably have been a famous South African Chef. The cricketer continues to pursue his cooking hobby with his food blogs and frequent appearances on local radio stations. 
  1. The 2012-13 season has so far been the cricketer’s best season, with 481 first-class runs at an average of 48.10. 
  1. Keshav Maharaj considers Rahul Dravid his cricket idol. 

Keshav Maharaj’s test records are breaking world charts, making this outstanding South African spinner the pride of the country. The cricketer's performance charts show outstanding improvement over the years after the sudden switch to pursue cricket as a spinner. 

What team does Keshav Maharaj play for? 
Keshav Maharaj plays for the South African Test cricket team. 
Why did his father not play for the South African Cricket team? 
Keshav Maharaj’s father couldn't play for the South African Cricket team due to apartheid.