5 Quick Facts About South Africa Spinner Keshav Maharaj

Since his debut in 2016, Keshav Maharaj has been a cornerstone in the South African cricket team. So far, his stats reveal he's played in 48 Tests, 27 ODIs, and 25 T20Is. In terms of his wicket-taking ability, the Keshav Maharaj stats don't lie—206 wickets and nine five-wicket hauls in international cricket make him a force to be reckoned with.

First things first, Keshav's full name is Keshav Athmanand Maharaj. Speaking of his father, Athmanand played cricket too. He was a wicket-keeper for the Natal B team but never got the chance to play for South Africa due to racial discrimination during the apartheid era. 

Believe it or not, Keshav was swinging a cricket bat at age 3. He was also kicking a soccer ball around until he was 13. It wasn't long before cricket won his heart and became his full-time pursuit. Dive into this article to uncover five unknown facts about Keshav Maharaj.

  • The Indian Connection

You could guess from his name—Keshav Maharaj is of Indian origin. Not just him, but his dad and granddad were into cricket as well. His dad's dreams of cricket stardom were cut short because of the unfair laws back in the day.

  • Kiran More's Spot-On Prediction

Guess who saw Keshav's talent early on? It was Kiran More, a former Indian cricketer. More, a family friend predicted in 1992 that Keshav would make it big as an international spinner. Boy, was he right! With the impressive Keshav Maharaj stats we see today, it's clear that More's prediction was bang on.

  • The Transformation from Pacer to Spinner

Keshav started as a pace bowler. One day, he was so mad about something that he tried spin bowling during practice only to realise, he was good at it. His dad, given his wicket-keeping background, saw the talent and nudged him to stick with spin.

  • The Foodie Side of Keshav Maharaj

Keshav Maharaj loves to eat! His love for food was so intense that it impacted his early cricket career. He didn't make the South African U19 team due to fitness concerns. Later, he turned things around and got into shape. He's even appeared on some cooking shows and blogs about food.

  • The Path to Recognition

During Keshav Maharaj's early years, Keshav was on the chubbier side, which kept him from the Under-19 squad. However, this setback fueled his ambition. He slimmed down, secured a rookie contract with the Dolphins, and steadily climbed the cricket ladder. Keshav Maharaj stats improved season after season, culminating in a strong debut against Australia in 2016 at the WACA stadium in Perth. He was the first spinner to debut at this venue, fulfilling his dad's unfulfilled dream.

When Keshav Maharaj isn't spinning balls or gobbling up wickets, he's a religious man who prays daily and wishes to visit the River Ganges someday. Keshav Maharaj also holds a marketing degree, loves football, and considers Rahul Dravid, his role model.

When did Keshav Maharaj make his debut for South Africa?
Keshav Maharaj debuted on November 3, 2016, against Australia at the WACA stadium in Perth.
What is Keshav Maharaj age, and how has his career been?
Keshav Maharaj age is 33 years. He has played 48 Tests, 27 ODIs, and 25 T20Is, taking 206 international wickets.
Is Keshav Maharaj interested in any other sports or hobbies?
Aside from cricket, Keshav loves football and is a food enthusiast. He even blogs about food and has appeared in cooking shows.