8 Factors That Make Mohammed Shami LETHAL!

The 8 Game-Changing Factors that Define Mohammed Shami's Lethal Bowling

Bowling seems to be one of the most natural and easiest tasks to have ever existed in the field of cricket when Mohammad Shami takes charge of it. This is a result of some of the superb bowling techniques and amazing fitness that Shami has a hold of. Shami stepped into the Indian Cricket team when Zaheer Khan announced his retirement. Since then, there has been no looking back on Shami's part. In no time, he gained a lot of popularity. Since his debut, he has been in the limelight, and that zeal of his never faded. 

Factors that Make Shami a Lethal Bowler

Mohammad Shami is a lethal cricketer, and several extraordinary features of him make him so. There are more than enough factors which make him one of the best bowlers on the team, but 8 such factors are mentioned below: 

  • Run-up: The run-up quality of Shami is one of the most attractive factors of his as a cricketer. He has a very clean run-up, and that too with great intensity. The energy around gets changed. Before his knee injury, he could take even longer run-ups than he takes today. But even then, his short run-up is also the key factor to his success. 
  • Upright seam position: Shami's seam position is what makes him quite different from the other players on the team. Shami's ball creates an upright position till the landing. This upright position helps the ball to move when it gets released from the hand. To produce such a sharp movement, Shami uses his wrists and fingers.
  • Reverse swing: Shami is regarded as one of the best reverse spin bowlers in the Indian Cricket team. This quality is the one which most of the cricketers lack. This quality is a big demand in test cricket, and it was then that Shami mastered this ability. His reverse swing has helped in building up impressive stats. 
  • Ability to take wickets: At one time, Shami was one of the most notable bowlers for Kohli when India needed wickets. For a settled batsman, Shami turned out to be an obstacle, and that stopped their flow. In test cricket, Shami is the one to take the wickets of crucial middle-order batsmen. 
  • Ability to hit the stumps: Shami has been successful in hitting the stamps more often because of the length that he uses to execute the seam movement. It is one of the most effective ways of bowling, and this quality has been acquired by Shami during his long career as a cricketer. 
  • Bouncers: Shami delivers some of the most unusual bouncers. Also, the length at which he bowls, the batsman gets no chance to change their arms. Shami bowled some heroic bouncers in the Pink Ball Test, held against Bangladesh in the year 2019. That proved how deadly he can be with his bouncers. 
  • Yorkers: Bowling Yorkers is one of the skills with which Shami has been able to prove lethal. This skill of bowling, which he has acquired over time, has led to some amazing wickets on his part. 
  • Fitness: Shami is one of the fittest cricketers on the Indian Cricket team. His fitness is one of the main reasons for his success in the field. Due to his fitness, he can achieve any target that he is given without any difficulty. Moreover, his fitness helps him the most while bowling long spells.

The above-mentioned features make Shami a lethal figure in Indian Cricket. The Mohammad Shami stats that he has made till now is brilliant, and his bowling strategies can in no way be compared to anyone. He is one of the brightest faces of the Indian Cricket team, and the contribution that he has made to the team to date is commendable. One cannot resist admiring and applauding this 33-year-old cricketer for his excellent contribution to taking the Indian Cricket team to great heights.