A Die-Hard Fan Of David Miller Passes Away, Gets Shared As His Own Daughter

Fans have been posting all over the world expressing their sorrow over the passing of South African player David Miller’s daughter. Since October 8th, these posts have been going viral, appearing as a response to Miller’s Instagram post.  A small portion of the mainstream foreign media also identified this as the passing of David Miller’s daughter. 

Viral Posts on Social Media 

Many popular posts offered condolences for the death of the South African cricketer’s daughter. The captions of such posts read, “David Miller’s daughter died of cancer…our sincere sympathies go out to the cricketer and his family. Keep fighting.” 

David Miller was in Ranchi (India) at the time, playing for the One Day International match between South Africa and India. A few weeks prior, it had been full of excitement for cricket fans, thanks to South Africa’s thrilling India tour. Prodigious batsman David Miller’s stats captured the interest of news organisations and social media after scoring 106 runs off 47 balls. The cricketer was again back in the news following a moving social media homage to a “Little Rockstar”.  He posted a brief video clip to his Instagram account that featured his recollections of a young cancer patient along with a heartfelt comment that read, “RIP little rockstar, will always love you!” 

David Miller also posted a story on Instagram with a picture of himself cuddling the young girl and addressed the young child’s heartbreaking passing. He also wrote a sweet message saying that “he would miss her a lot. He had never met somebody with a bigger heart. She elevated the conflict by fighting with an upbeat smile at all times. Her cheeky, mischievous side helped her accept every individual and every obstacle.” David Miller acknowledged that he had learnt a lot from the kid about appreciating each and every moment of life. He felt honoured to have travelled with her on her journey. 

David Miller misled his followers and media outlets by posting his video on his Instagram, leading them to believe that his own daughter had passed away. Several fans accused various media outlets and other fans on Twitter of disseminating false information without checking the facts. They claimed that the sweet posts and video dealt with the passing of a young fan dear to Miller after a protracted battle with cancer. 

Online Clarifications of the Rumors

Online cricket expert Mufaddal Vohra tweeted that Anne was one of David Miller’s most prominent supporters and had tragically departed in this way. Her struggle with cancer had touched Miller deeply. Fooled by his posts, various social media agencies initially published deceptive posts. But after Miller himself clarified the rumours by saying, “Not my daughter”, the response was retweeted by various social media users. His followers then highlighted his remarks as a way of clarifying the fake news. 

Several social media agencies and news outlets looked into David Miller’s personal life but were unable to locate any verified information about his marriage. Many websites claimed that the 33-year-old cricketer is still single. After further investigations, it was found that the statements claiming that the legendary South African batsman David Miller’s daughter had passed away from cancer were untrue. 

Cricketer David Miller from South Africa was going through a difficult moment as his close friend and biggest supporter, Anne, lost her life to a prolonged battle with cancer. The sad news came to him just ahead of his 2nd One Day International match against the Indian team in Ranchi last year. Anne was occasionally seen at the stadium, and it was evident from the videos that the batsman also used to bring her inside after his games.