AB De Villers’ South African Paradise

AB de Villiers, the renowned former captain of the South African cricket group, is well known for his extraordinary achievements in the sport. As an excellent batter, fielder, and wicketkeeper, he has left an indelible mark on the hearts of cricket lovers globally. 

One of his most unforgettable performances was against the West Indies, where he set the record for the quickest 150 runs scored. Beyond cricket, AB de Villiers also displays his talents in rugby, tennis, and golf, earning admiration from fans across various sports.

Presently, AB de Villiers resides in his native country, South Africa, specifically in the beautiful city of Durban, where he lives with his wife and three children. 

Born on February 17, 1984, in Warmbad, Transvaal Province, South Africa, de Villiers' passion for sports was kindled in his childhood thanks to his father's influence as a rugby union player, which encouraged him to participate in various sports.

Nestled in the upscale locale of Durban, AB de Villiers' house reflects his grandeur. The estimated cost of his majestic mansion in Dunbar stands at around $2.6 million. From the outside, the residence boasts a unique roof-style design with cobblestone pillars, mixing natural elements with modern-day touches. The lush garden and play area offer a pleasing space for spending pleasant time with his kids.

Stepping into the interiors, one is greeted with a soothing ambience characterised by beige walls and a tasteful blend of neutral colours, including beige, brown, and white, complemented by elegant wooden accents. AB de Villiers' house features exquisite antique decor and artwork that pays homage to South African culture, enhancing its overall beauty and charm.

The living room, designed with a beautiful amalgamation of grey-toned furniture, wood flooring, and a comfy rug, exudes comfort and elegance, imparting the perfect space for rest and entertainment. 

Meanwhile, the bedroom follows a monochromatic palette with shades of white and brown, cultivating a serene and calming ambience with picturesque views of the superb South African panorama.

AB de Villiers' house comes with a furnished kitchen, equipped with wooden cabinets and charcoal-black walls, boasting a unique traditional brick oven, which is deemed a rare find in luxurious homes and perfect for preparing delectable meals.

The amenities within AB de Villiers' house further enhance its attraction. A spacious pool offers an amusing and relaxing space for relatives, even as stone pillars on the patio lend a countryside allure to the overall layout. A well-equipped fitness centre and a first-rate barbecue setup ensure that he can live an active life and host visitors in style. 

Despite his fame and achievements, AB de Villiers remains humble and actively engages in charities, particularly with the Make a Difference Foundation. His primary asset is his expensive villa in Durban, where he cherishes precious moments with his relatives.

Additionally, in 2021, AB de Villiers acquired a holiday home in South Africa, providing another haven for creating cherished memories. 

The cricket icon's net worth is estimated to be around $20 million dollars, and he has a penchant for luxury cars, owning an impressive collection that includes an Audi Q7, a Ferrari 360 Modena, a BMW X5, a Mercedes-Benz A Class, a Lexus RX, and a Land Rover.

With a legacy that extends beyond cricket, AB de Villiers inspires young cricketers to fuel their goals to match his prowess. From his extraordinary cricket career to his tremendous South African abode, AB de Villiers' journey stays etched inside the hearts of sports fans, leaving an enduring legacy for generations to come.

Where does AB de Villiers reside?
AB de Villiers lives in Durban, South Africa, with his wife and three children.
What is the estimated cost of AB de Villiers' house?
The estimated cost of AB de Villiers' house is around $2.6 million.
What are some amenities in AB de Villiers' house?
AB de Villiers' house includes a large pool, stone pillars on the patio, a well-equipped gymnasium, and a great barbecue setup.
What is AB de Villiers' net worth?
AB de Villiers' net worth is approximately $20 million.
What are some cars owned by AB de Villiers?
AB de Villiers owns an Audi Q7, a Ferrari 360 Modena, a BMW X5, a Mercedes-Benz A Class, a Lexus RX, and a Land Rover.
When did AB de Villiers retire from cricket?
AB de Villiers retired from all forms of cricket on November 19, 2021.