Abdul Razzaq Claims: India Avoided Playing Against Pakistan In 1997-98 - The Shocking Reason Unveiled

Cricket is an extremely dynamic game. You can’t anticipate accurately which team will win the match on a given day. A team that looks weaker often outsmarts the strongest opponents, and this has been proved on many occasions. However, that doesn’t always happen. Some teams perform better and outrank others due to consistent and professional performance. 

The Indian cricket team used to be one such side that would lose most matches in the past. Abdul Razzak, the former Pakistani cricketer, has revealed one such fact about India and Pakistan. Let’s check what this veteran Pakistani said.

Abdul Razzak Stats

Razzak is a former Pakistani cricketer who presented his side in all formats of the game. The most important aspect about this player was he could bat and bowl well on any given day. He has outsmarted many bowlers. Once, he slammed five consecutive fours in one over of Glen McGrath in a one-day international. That’s one such match. No batter could show such dominance against McGrath, as he was one of the most dangerous outswing bowlers of that time.

Not just that, Abdul Razzak showed his class with bowling, too. He picked up many important wickets for his side in all formats. Sachin Tendulkar is a popular mention in this respect. The bowler bagged the prize wicket of Sachin on many occasions, especially in ODI matches. As such, batters and bowlers were extremely cautious when bowling or batting against Razzak.

Let’s dive into Abdul Razzak's stats. Razzak played 46 test matches. He scored 1,946 runs at an average of 28.6, and his highest score stands at 134. He made 3 centuries and 7 fifties in 77 innings of his test career. Abdul Razzak was a prominent member of the Pakistani ODI side. He played 265 ODIs and scored 5,080 runs in 228 innings that he played.

He scored 23 fifties and 3 tons, and his highest ODI score in a match is 112. With an impressive average of 29.7, Razzak took the bowlers to task with an amazing strike rate of 81.6. Abdul Razzak also played 32 T20 matches, wherein he scored 393 runs at an average of 20.7. His highest T20 score is 46 not out.

Let’s check Abdul Razzak’s bowling stats in all three formats. In 46 tests, Razzak picked 100 wickets at an average of 36.9. His best bowling figures are 5 for 35. Razzak’s ODI bowling is much better. He bagged 269 wickets in 265 matches, and his best bowling stats stand at 6 for 35. In addition to this, Razzak played 32 T20 matches, wherein he picked up 20 wickets. His best figures are 3 for 13.

Abdul Razzak Latest News: His Shocking Revelations

Since Razzak has made an immense contribution to cricket, his views carry value. Also, he currently works as a cricket coach. As a result, the media and other outlets weigh his voice. Recently, Abdul Razzak made a shocking revelation about the Indian team. He said that India would avoid playing matches against Pakistan during 1997-98. When asked why the Indian side would do so, Razzak’s claim came as a surprise. The veteran cricketer said that India would avoid playing against them to avoid defeat.

During that era, Pakistan was too strong, and India was a weaker side. The cricketing world was shocked to hear Razzak’s claims. Many veteran Indian cricketers said that Razzak’s revelations are incorrect. India defeated Pakistan in Sharjah and other venues in 1997 and 1998. Although Pakistan won more matches, India wasn’t far behind.

Abdul Razzak was a fantastic all-rounder who demonstrated exceptional skills in all formats of the game. However, his remarks about India avoiding matches against Pakistan surprised everyone. Most experts state that the player made the statement just to boost the morale of the currently weak Pakistani team for the upcoming World Cup.

Was Abdul Razzak a righty or lefty all-rounder?
Razzak was a right-handed batsman and a right-arm bowler.
When did Razzak make his ODI debut?
The player marked his one-day international debut in 1996 against Zimbabwe.
What is Abdul Razzak’s favourite food?
The cricketer is fond of Spaghetti aglio e olio peperoncino.