Abdul Razzaq's Bold Claims Ahead Of World Cup 2023: India's Record Against Pakistan Under The Spotlight

Abdul Razzaq, a former all-rounder for Pakistan, has made a stunning comment regarding the rivalry between India and Pakistan that has sparked debate. The 43-year-old Abdul Razzaq ODI demanded that the bilateral series between the two countries resume and claimed that all teams, except India, play against Pakistan. 

They both have friendship and respect for one another. Only the Indian squad avoids playing Pakistan, according to Razzaq, according to EHCricket. “They didn't play much against us from 1997 to 1998 since India always lost because we were too excellent. Since the circumstance has changed and it is 2023, we must alter the way we think. Regardless of the size of the team, the day's performance is what counts.”

Abdul Razzaq - A Brief Overview

Abdul Razzaq, a former cricket sensation from Lahore, Pakistan, has a special place in cricket fans' hearts around the world. Razzaq, who was born on December 2, 1979, rose to prominence as one of Pakistan's greatest all-rounders.

Razzaq's cricket career began at a young age, when he made his debut for the Pakistan national team at the age of 16 in 1996. This early foray into international cricket signalled the start of a famous career.

Growing up in Lahore, he was raised in a cricket-crazy household and began playing the game in the streets and at local clubs. His extraordinary abilities quickly drew the attention of none other than the famous Imran Khan, who invited him to attend the prestigious Pakistan Cricket Academy.

Throughout his illustrious career, Abdul Razzaq was a key component of many of Pakistan's successes. His exceptional abilities as a bowler and batsman cemented his status as one of Pakistan's cricket superstars, leaving a lasting impression on the history of the game.

Claims Made by Razzaq

Both sides, according to the 43-year-old Abdul Razzaq century, are strong, and a winning squad plays well. “Both teams are strong. You cannot claim that Pakistan's team is inexperienced. Can you identify which team won the Ashes series? It's that simple: the team that performs wins. We need to leave this and play games and series against one another,” Abdul Razzaq continued. The most anticipated World Cup match will take place between India and Pakistan on October 15 in the Narendra Modi Stadium, the largest stadium in the world with a capacity of 132,000. One wouldn't want to discuss Men in Green's World Cup record versus the Blues given that the former have dropped seven of their seven encounters, including an elimination game.

In Kolkata, Pakistan will play if they make it to the semifinals. India will play in Mumbai if they advance to the semi-finals, unless they are up against Pakistan, in which case they will play in Kolkata. For the semifinal matches, which will take place in Mumbai on November 15 and Kolkata on November 16, the best four teams will advance. 

After their five ODI bilateral series in Canada, there were no more bilateral matches between the two countries until 2004 as a result of escalating political tensions. Later that year, a Sourav Ganguly-led Team India visited Pakistan and defeated the hosts 2-1 in a test match before winning the one-day international series 3-2.

What is India's track record when it comes to Pakistan?
136 One-Day Internationals have been played between the two teams, with Pakistan winning 73 and India winning 55.
What is the head-to-head test record between India and Pakistan?
In total, 59 Test matches have pitted India and Pakistan against one another. With 38 games ending in ties, Pakistan has won 12, while India has only achieved nine triumphs. Regarding ODIs, there have been 132 matches.