Abdul Samad – The Journey From Rajouri To Abu Dhabi

A young right-handed batsman named Abdul Samad hails from Jammu and Kashmir, has recently made his name in the news due to his performance in the Indian Premier League. He represents Jammu and Kashmir in domestic cricket, while he represents Sunrisers Hyderabad in the Indian Premier League. In this article, we will embark on Abdul Samad’s journey from the “Heaven on Earth” to Abu Dhabi. 

The Initial Days of a Nurturing Legend

Abdul Samad was introduced to cricket at a young age, and his parents encouraged him to continue playing the game. He started playing cricket at the local level and worked his way up to the state level. His outstanding performances at the state level attracted the selectors, which led to his selection to the Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) cricket team.

A native of Rajouri, Samad became known for his extraordinary penchant for hitting the ball hard. He performed brilliantly throughout the previous domestic cricket season, scoring nearly 600 runs, including three hundreds. Specifically, he hit 36 ​​sixes, the most of any player this season. His outstanding play was a key factor in Jammu and Kashmir's Ranji Trophy quarter-final qualification.

The adolescent initially caught the eye of former Indian cricketer Irfan Pathan during a camp organised for the country's Ranji Trophy team, boasting a T20 batting average of 40 and also showing talent in the leg-spin. According to Pathan, this young player outperformed the seasoned players. Abdul Samad’s debut match (T20) was in February 2019 for Jammu & Kashmir in the 2018–19 Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy. He also debuted in List A and First-Class cricket later that year.

Into the IPL

His success at the state level helped him reach the Indian Premier League, where he continues to excel and make a name for himself. Samad entered the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2021 after being acquired by Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) for Rs. 20 lakhs. His performance in the competition has earned him worldwide recognition and proved his value as an investment. In the following year, 2022, SRH kept him in the squad with the same salary of Rs. 20 lakhs, and he performed strongly again. But in 2023, Abdul Samad’s IPL price skyrocketed to Rs. 4 crores, reflecting his growing fame and success in the league.

Abdul Samad is known for his powerful strokes, especially on the leg side, with a tendency to hit the ball long. He is also known for his aggressive playing style. His skill as a leg spinner adds another dimension to his game. He is an invaluable asset to any team as he has the ability to contribute significantly with both ball and bat.

The following table illustrates Abdul Samad’s IPL price and the team for which he played over the years:

Date of Birth Price Team
2020 Rs. 20 lakhs SRH
2021 Rs. 20 lakhs SRH
2022 Rs. 4 crores SRH
2023 Rs. 4 crores SRH

To sum up, Abdul Samad has started an incredible adventure in the IPL. He has evolved from near-anonymity into one of the competition's most exciting young stars. Samad has gained recognition as one of India's most promising young cricketers thanks to his achievements in the IPL, and his future in the sport looks incredibly bright. Samad will likely continue to have a huge impact on the IPL for many years to come due to his bold approach to batting and unorthodox style of play.

What is Abdul Samad’s IPL team?
Abdul Samad started his IPL journey in 2020 and has been playing for the Sunrisers Hyderabad ever since.
Who are Abdul Samad’s mother and father?
Mohammad Farooq, Abdul Samad’s father, was a physical education teacher, and Farzana Kausar, his mother, was a homemaker. 
What is Abdul Samad’s age?
Abdul Samad was born on 28th October 2001 and is currently 21 years old.