Abdul Samad's Journey: 5 IPL Seasons at Dubai International Cricket Stadium

The young right-handed batsman, Abdul Samad, hails from the very own 'The Paradise on Earth'- Jammu & Kashmir. He plays for Jammu & Kashmir in domestic cricket and for Sunrisers Hyderabad in the Indian Premier League. The analysis delves into his runs, averages, boundary hits, milestones, and more, painting a comprehensive portrait of his batting prowess on this revered ground.

Background and Career Highlights

Abdul Samad's life in his cricket journey started when he caught the attention of Irfan Pathan, who recognised his true potential during a game for the state Ranji Trophy team. Abdul Samad's debut match in various formats followed suit in 2019. In the IPL 2020 auction, he was acquired by the Sunrisers Hyderabad for INR 20 lakh. Over Abdul Samad’s IPL career, spanning 34 matches, he has accumulated 395 runs with an average of 19.75, displaying his ability to contribute consistently. With 22 fours and 25 sixes, his aggressive batting style has been evident.

Consistency and Contribution

Abdul Samad's batting display at Dubai International Cricket Stadium has consistently contributed to his team's success. The ability to anchor his innings and accelerate when needed makes him a good player in the lineup.

Key Insights of Abdul Samad’s Batting Performance at Dubai International Cricket Stadium:

Runs and Batting Average: Abdul Samad's five innings at Dubai International Cricket Stadium have got a total of 76 runs at an average of 19.00.

Last five Performances: His recent scores over the last five matches were 25, 28, 8, 8, and 7, which showed a mix of consistency and challenges.

Boundaries (Sixes & Fours): Abdul Samad’s stats have showcased power hitting with 4 sixes and 4 fours at the stadium.

100s & 50s:  Abdul Samad hasn't scored a century or a half-century on this ground, but his contributions have been valuable nonetheless.

Strike Rate: His brisk strike rate of 133.33 highlights his ability to accelerate the innings.

Highest Score: Abdul Samad’s highest score in Dubai is 28, showing his capability to make substantial contributions.

Boundary Percentage: Abdul Samad’s boundary-to-run percentage stands at an impressive 52.63, indicating his proficiency in finding gaps and clearing the ropes.

The Road Ahead

As a very young talent with growing fame, Abdul Samad's performances at Dubai International Cricket Stadium lay the foundation for an encouraging future. His ability to adapt to match situations, score runs, and demonstrate power-hitting makes him a player to watch out for in upcoming seasons.

Summing up

Abdul Samad's IPL batting performances at Dubai International Cricket Stadium offer a compelling narrative of a young cricketer's journey in the IPL. His consistent contributions, power-hitting proficiency, and ability to strike at a growing rate paint a picture of a player who holds great potential for future success on this esteemed cricketing stage.


Q: What has been Abdul Samad’s batting average at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium?

A: Abdul Samad’s batting average at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium is 19.00, reflecting his consistent contribution to the IPL tournament played there.

Q: How have Abdul Samad’s recent efforts been in the last five games at the stadium?

A: Abdul Samad’s match scores in his last five matches at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium were 25, 28, 8, 8 and 7, indicating a mixture of consistency and challenges.

Q: Has Abdul Samad scored any centuries or half-centuries at the Dubai International Cricket Ground?

A: Abdul Samad did not score a century or half a century at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium. However, his impressive contribution through batting ability and adaptability to competitive conditions was worth noting.