Abhinav Mukund: A Comprehensive Biography Of The Cricketer - Batting Stats And Family Insights

Indian cricketers have proved themselves in the world. The entire squad is highly talented whether they play domestic cricket or international. Now players who play only domestic cricket also get all the praise because of their outstanding performances. Along with this, they are also getting a chance to play at international level. Abhinav Mukund is also among them. He is among the top domestic players who always perform amazingly. 

He has been playing for Test and Indian Premier League events. His track record is quite impressive. We won't be surprised if Abhinav Mukund gets a chance to play at international level very soon. He also has a huge fan base who wants to watch him play in big cricket events. 

Who is Abhinav Mukund?

Abhinav Mukund is an Indian cricketer. He plays domestic cricket and IPL. Abhinav Mukund is an opening batsman for the Tamil Nadu team. He is 33 years old and from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Abhinav Mukund's date of birth is 06 January 1990. He is a left-handed batsman. 

Talking about his teams for whom he has played are India, Chennai Super Kings, India Under-19, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Tamil Nadu, Albert TUTI Patriots, India A, Lyca Kovai Kings, and South Zone. Abhinav Mukund's father is T.S. Mukund. He is also a former cricketer. His mother's name is Lakshmi Mukund. She is a former University cricketer. Talking about his hobbies he loves swimming, scuba diving, and reading novels. Abhinav Mukund's ODI career has still not started. We will discuss Abhinav Mukund century and batting stats will be discussed further.

Abhinav Mukund Batting Stats

Abhinav Mukund's batting record is not as high as other players because he only plays domestic cricket. Abhinav Mukund's ODI career is still awaited. Abhinav Mukund has played a total of 7 Test matches and scored 320 runs with an average of 22.86. During his test match, he scored two half-centuries along with 32 four and 1 six. Talking about his IPL journey he has played a total 3 matches and scored 19 runs with an average of 9.5. Abhinav Mukund century never happened. Abhinav Mukund also has performed as a bowler. 

In test matches, he has performed as a bowler in 7 matches and thrown 12 balls in 1 innings. He started his cricket career in Ranji and Irani cricket. Most people don't know but he was in the same squad as Virat Kohli in India Under-19 2008 but unfortunately didn't do well because of poor form he played so well in domestic cricket and kept going with amazing performances and made a strong reputation in the domestic cricket world. Abhinav Mukund has improved his game a lot and is giving better performances as well.

Abhinav Mukund didn't get a chance to play at the international level but has worked hard to make a name in domestic cricket. From the start to the present time he is doing his best and improving his weak areas to give better performances. We are expecting to watch him playing at international level very soon because hard work pays off. Abhinav Mukund's Test and IPL journey has been a roller coaster ride for him. 

Who is Abhinav Mukund?
Abhinav Mukund is an Indian cricketer. He is an opening batsman for the Tamil Nadu team.
What is the Age of Abhinav Mukund?
Abhinav Mukund is 33 years old.
For how many IPL teams Abhinav Mukund has played?
Abhinav Mukund has played for two IPL teams Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore.