Akash Singh Biography, Height, Weight, Age,Wife, Family, Facts & More

Akash Singh is a promising young cricketer for India from Rajasthan. He competed for India in the 2020 ICC U-19 Cricket World Cup final, where his team ultimately lost to Bangladesh. The left-handed bowler can deliver lethal in-swingers with his medium-fast speed.

Akash Singh Wiki/Biography

On Friday, April 26, 2002 (as of 2021), in the village of Nagla Ram Ratan in the Bharatpur district of Rajasthan, Akash Maharaj Singh was born. The bull is his astrological sign. Even as a young boy, Akash was already fascinated by cricket. In 2012, he enrolled at the Shardul Sports School in Bikaner and began his professional cricket career. He relocated to Jaipur in 2014 to work with cricket coach Vivek Yadav at the Aravali Cricket Club.

He devoted almost all his free time as a kid to cricket. Due to his extreme enthusiasm for cricket, he could not maintain a healthy work-life balance. As a result, he repeatedly bombed the final exams for 10th grade. Despite the blemish on his report card, he nevertheless managed to ace the cricket test.

Akash Singh's Mother, Father, and Siblings

Akash's dad is a farmer named Maharaj Singh, while his mum stayed at home to raise him. Akash's older brother, Lakhan, was a district-level cricket player. He also has two sisters. Lakhan was the one who first introduced Akash Singh to the sport of cricket by bringing him along to his games.

Height and Appearance

He is 172 centimetres (1.72 m) tall, 5 feet and 8 inches tall. The colour of his hair matches with his eyes. Akash is well-built and athletic.

Akash Singh Facts 
  • Akash Singh is an Indian cricketer who bowls for Rajasthan in domestic cricket. He bowls with his left arm and bats with his right; he has previously played for the Rajasthan Royals and represents them in the Indian Premier League. He is currently a member of the Chennai Super Kings.
  • His ability to bowl sharp swings sets Akash Singh apart from other young bowlers.
  • Akash's older brother, Lakhan Singh, a cricketer who competed at the district level, is responsible for getting him interested in the sport.
  • At 15, Akash Singh first gained widespread attention in November 2017 for his performance in an open T20 match in Jaipur in which he took 10 wickets while conceding no runs.
  • He was included in India's Under-19 Cricket World Cup squad in December 2019. He batted for six innings, picking up seven wickets cheaply.
  • Akash Singh is very particular about his diet and exercise routine.
  • In an interview, Akash said he has never eaten fast food before and doesn't plan to start now.
  • In 2023's Indian Premier League, bowler Mukesh Choudhary was injured; Chennai Super Kings signed Akash Singh to take his place.
  • His enthusiasm for cricket was so great that he could not balance it with his studies.
  • Four out of Akash's ten attempts at the regular board test were failures.

Akash Singh is an exceptionally gifted young cricketer who shows great promise. He has already established himself at the Under-19 level and has his sights set on the IPL. It will be fascinating to see him develop as a player over the next several years, as his natural velocity and swing are enough to challenge even the top hitters in the world. Akash Singh’s net worth is enough to give his family a better life than before. His dedication and hard work is the result of his success.

Who are Akash Singh’s parents?
Maharaj Singh's father worked in agriculture, and his mother stayed at home to raise him.
How old is Akash Singh?
As of 2023, the present Akash Singh's age is 21 years old.
Where is Akash Singh from?
Akash Singh is an Indian cricketer, and his home town is Bharatpur, Rajasthan.