All You Need To Know About Haris Rauf’s Wife Muzna Masood Malik

Pakistani fast bowler Haris Rauf, famous for his amazing skills on the cricket pitch, recently tied the knot with Muzna Masood Malik. Many people on social media commented on the couple's recent small wedding ceremony. Due to terrible weather and a lack of planes, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has banned the national team from attending Haris Rauf's wedding in Islamabad. 

Haris Rauf's wife is a TikTok star and also a Pakistani model. She is so beautiful and stylish. Apart from that, her attractive personality and talents make her unique. Let's have a look at the wedding details of the couple.

Marriage of Mujna Masood Malik to Haris Rauf

The wedding of Pakistan fast bowler Haris Rauf, which had been delayed for months, was filmed during a reception on Wednesday. As qawwalis played in the background, the 29-year-old batsman laughed and smiled with his loved ones.

Rauf will soon welcome his new wife, Mujna Masood Malik, whom he wed in a nikah ceremony in December last year. The night before the wedding, Rauf and his immediate family were treated to a stunning dance performance and qawwali as part of the festivities.

The official wedding ceremonies for Haris Rauf and Malik were a lot of fun, as seen by the plethora of videos and photos that have subsequently appeared on various social media networks. Many of these showed the cricketer surrounded by his loved ones and grinning joyfully as he took in the fantastic music and festive atmosphere. Rauf exuded elegance and sophistication with a blue embroidered kurta and matching trousers.

Rauf's wedding will feature a significant presence from the Pakistan cricket team. They were in Karachi for a training camp before playing Sri Lanka in a two-game Test series. 

Who is Muzna Masood Malik 

Haris Rauf, a cricketer for Pakistan, recently tied the knot with Mujna Masood Malik, a Tiktok star and Pakistani fashion model.

Inscribing a touching message for her spouse, Haris Rauf, on her bridal mehndi, Muzna Masood Malik has published noteworthy and supplementary content. With his recent marriage to famous model Muzna Masood Malik in Islamabad, Haris Rauf has risen to the top of the social media popularity rankings.

Haris Rauf wife, Muzna Masood Malik is 26 years old, was born on October 20, 1997, is of Pakistani ancestry, and currently resides in Rawalpindi. 

Masood and her family have made Islamabad their home. There are two older sisters and one younger brother in her family of four. The eldest Masood sibling, Hadia, tied the knot in 2022. Her father is a businessman, and her mother is a stay-at-home mom, but nobody knows their names.

The wedding mehendi video of Muzna Masood Malik, wife of Pakistani cricketer Haris Rauf, has become popular on social media. Muzna Masood Malik's mehndi design in the video has the letters of Haris Rauf's name and his bowling speed. After watching the video, people have been complimenting the pair for their love and affection towards each other, which has gone viral on social media. Muzna Masood Malik's wedding mehendi design has gone viral; everyone can't stop gushing about her stunning looks.

What went viral about Muzna Masood Malik?
The wedding mehendi of Muzna Masood Malik, where Haris Rauf's initials and bowling speed were inscribed on her hand, quickly gained widespread attention online. The video exhibiting the mehendi design went viral on YouTube and other video-sharing sites.
What are people saying about Muzna Masood Malik’s wedding mehendi?
Many people have commented on their happiness for Haris Rauf and Muzna Masood Malik. They adore the personal touch Muzna added to her mehendi pattern. In addition, many people have expressed their admiration for Muzna's grace and sophistication.
Where is Muzna Masood Malik from?
On October 20, 1997, Muzna Masood Malik was born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.