Allan Border's Brave Revelation: Battling Parkinson's And His Remarkable Outlook On Life

Cricket has witnessed immense transformation in the last few decades. Back then, test matches were the main focus of the game. Only a few ODIs were played. Today, you can find hundreds of matches being played in different versions. T20s have become the highlight now. Also, many new iconic players mark their appearances on the cricketing horizon. Despite this fact, some veteran cricketers are remembered by younger generations and cricket fans even today. Allan Border is one such player who is still fresh in the minds of fans and experts. Let’s find out about his life now.

Allan Border Records: Who is He?

He is a former Australian cricketer who marked his name in tests and ODI matches. Born in Cremorne, this Aussie player quickly showcased his skills in domestic cricket. As a result, the national selectors picked him up for international matches. Since Allan Border had in-depth cricketing knowledge, he was promoted to the role of captain. The player proved that the national selectors were right in their decisions by bringing victories and trophies with his wit and performances.

Not to forget, Allan Border led the Australian side that clinched the World Cup title against England in 1987. It was the first-ever World Cup title that the Aussies won until that time. Border’s intelligence was demonstrated in the final match, where he snatched victory from the jaws of England. The opponent team was well-placed and on the right track to win the game. He took the bull by the horns and bagged the wicket of Mike Gatting, which proved a turning point in the game, and the rest is history.

Allan Border News: The Cricketer Has a Cureless Disease

Border has revealed that he’s suffering from Parkinson’s disease. The cricketer was diagnosed in 2016, but he kept it private. When asked why he wanted his disease to remain private, the former player replied that he didn’t expect a sorry sort of thing from people. Then Allan Border revealed his disease, stating that nothing can be kept private for a long time. Whether people like him or not, they’ll come to know about his illness at some point in time.

This is why he disclosed facts about his disease. Border is currently 68 years old. According to him, if he survives till the age of 80, it’ll be a miracle for him. However, the cricketer is certain that he won’t make it to 100. Despite the incurable ailment, Allan Border is optimistic about his life. He takes things positively, just like he did in cricket in the past. He prefers to try innovative strategies, and he wishes to apply this point to his ailment, too.

Border made his debut in 1978. He scored 102 half-centuries and 30 centuries in his 16-year career. As a batsman, this stylish left-hander was the first player to reach the 11,000-run mark in test cricket. He is the second player to reach 10,000 runs in tests after Sunil Gavaskar of India.

Border became the captain of the Australian team in 1984. He also led his team to win the World Cup hosted in India in 1987. Additionally, he led Australia to a clean sweep 4-0 win in the Ashes series in 1989. The famous Border-Gavaskar trophy is held in honour of Allan Border and Sunil Gavaskar, and it’s contested between Australia and India.

Talented cricketers are born every day, but great players such as Allan Border stand unique even in a crowd. The cricketer has turned many defeats into victories for his side on the cricketing field. Now, he’s battling Parkinson’s disease with a positive mindset. Let’s see how Border beats the disease and lives like a king, as he has always done in cricket.

What is the name of Allan Border’s wife?
Australian cricketer Allan Border’s spouse’s name is Jane Hiscox.
What does Allan Border do now?
Since retirement, the cricketer has been a long-time member of the Fox Sports commentary team.
What is Allan Border’s nickname?
Allan Border’s cricketing nickname is A. B.