Anil Kumble's Reflection: Ambati Rayudu's Omission From The 2019 World Cup And Treatment In The Indian Team

Indian cricket legend Ambati Rayudu has had a rollercoaster career, ending in a successful time with the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in the IPL. A surprise absence from the 2019 Cricket World Cup damaged his international career. We examine Ambati Rayudu's records, cricket career and Anil Kumble's comments on his World Cup exclusion in this article.

The IPL Success High

Ambati Rayudu ended his career by helping CSK win their fifth IPL title. His 19-run cameo off 8 balls in the final against the Gujarat Titans helped CSK win. Rayudu's sixth IPL triumph came with Mumbai Indians (2013, 2015, and 2017) and CSK (2018, 2021, and 2023).

World Cup Omission Reflection: Anil Kumble

After Ambati Rayudu retired, former India head coach Anil Kumble commented on his absence from the 2019 ODI World Cup roster. Kumble called Rayudu's World Cup exclusion a "huge blunder." Rayudu's qualifications and role as India's number 4 batting option made it a surprising choice.

In a JioCinema interview, Kumble stressed Rayudu's relevance. He noted that Rayudu had been trained for the number 4 role for a long time, making his unexpected withdrawal even more puzzling.

Vijay Shankar Experiment

The team management chose Vijay Shankar over Ambati Rayudu for the World Cup, calling him a player with "three-dimensional abilities." Shankar had some memorable tournament moments, but Rayudu's absence worried fans and pundits. Ambati Rayudu was not called up to replace Shankar and Shikhar Dhawan at the World Cup because of injuries. The squad comprised Rishabh Pant and Mayank Agarwal, leaving Rayudu out.

Captain Virat Kohli backs

Before the 2019 World Cup, Virat Kohli supported Ambati Rayudu. Kohli thought Rayudu will be the best number 4 and was confident in him. From September 2018 until March 2019, Ambati Rayudu held the role for six months. He played 21 ODIs and scored 639 runs, including one century and four half-centuries.

Rayudu's Wise Response

In irritation about the World Cup absence, Ambati Rayudu tweeted a funny tweet. Writing, "Just ordered a new set of 3D glasses to watch the World Cup." This humorous tweet emphasised the absurdity of being called a player with "three-dimensional abilities" but not making the World Cup squad.

International Cricket Retirement

Ambati Rayudu briefly retired from international cricket after the initial disappointment and his funny answer. He later changed his mind. Rayudu never represented India again in international cricket. His international career ended with 55 ODIs and six T20Is.

Ambati Rayudu's cricket career is a testament to talent and dedication. He achieved success in domestic cricket and the IPL, but his international career was rocky. Cricket fans dispute his removal from the 2019 World Cup roster, and Anil Kumble's claim that it was a "huge blunder" adds to the uncertainty. Ambati Rayudu’s journey shows that cricket, like life, is unpredictable, but fans will always remember his skills and persistence.

What was Ambati Rayudu's funny answer to his World Cup exclusion?
Tweeting his unhappiness over his absence, Ambati Rayudu was humorous. His post, "Just ordered a new set of 3D glasses to watch the World Cup," noted the irony of being called a player with "three-dimensional abilities."
Did Ambati Rayudu retire from international cricket?
Ambati Rayudu briefly retired from international cricket but eventually reconsidered. He never played another international match for India.
How many ODIs and T20Is did Ambati Rayudu play internationally?
Ambati Rayudu’s ODI records are worth noting. He played 55 ODIs and six T20Is in international cricket.