Anjum Chopra Launches Scholarship To Empower Budding Female Cricketers

Anjum Chopra, the former captain of the Indian women's cricket team, has established a scholarship programme in her name in collaboration with PUSH Sports to aid in developing young, outstanding female cricketers.

All About the Scholarship

Anjum Chopra has established a scholarship fund to help develop young female cricket players. Girls with natural cricketing potential will have the chance to develop their skills under the tutelage of experienced coaches and gain valuable experience through domestic and international tours, thanks to the Anjum Chopra Scholarship.

The scholarship programme is designed to find and support India's most outstanding female cricketers by providing a yearly stipend of INR 1 lac (about $10,000).

Puru Singh, an ex-Delhi cricketer and former Delhi Women's U-23 team coach, will mentor the chosen athletes during their year of training at Push Sports Arenas in India.

Seeking Out Candidates 

Anjum Chopra elaborated on the momentous decision by telling IANS, "The first and foremost notion was to announce it. We reported this because we were actively seeking candidates. We'll pay for and organise all necessary classroom and office space. The scholarship recipient will not be responsible for any fees associated with using the facilities.”

Achieving Goals of the Scholarship

The Anjum Chopra scholarship winners are as follows: Ishika Kumari of Burari, Delhi; Shraddha HS Motiparas of Porbandar, Gujarat; Gaurika Yadav of Mahendragarh, Haryana; and Shubhi Sharma of Bareilly.

Four trial participants that were worthy of the scholarship were chosen and have begun awarding them during this fiscal year. Those who live in or near Delhi regularly engage in practice. However, non-Delhi residents used to make monthly reports of between 10 and 15 days.

Ten scholarships were planned yearly, but only four deserving female students were chosen. The remaining six girls will be chosen after the new trials. 

Providing players a place to practise and improve is more important than giving them money. Two of the girls who had won the scholarship have already qualified to play at the state level, and two more are on the list of possibilities. Anjum Chopra said she is glad at least the girls are in the pipeline to play this sport.

She also said that the scholarship would be renewed annually based on achievement.

The CEO Talks

For Puru Singh, CEO of Push Sports and a former Delhi player, "there seems to be a significant gap between the talk and the actual progress made" regarding women's empowerment in India. Women's cricket players' major source of income is now limited to the Women's Premier League (WPL).

The purpose of the major competition is to allow women to demonstrate their abilities and compete at the greatest level. One will make it to the WPL in the next three years.

Push Sports is a sports education firm that aims to improve people's health and the environment through sport-based programmes. Its sole mission is to promote women's and girls' cricket nationwide.

The Indian women's cricket team owes much of its success to Anjum Chopra. Her teammates praised her for being a strong leader. She has stayed active in cricket even after she officially retired from the sport. She has also consistently backed efforts to grow the women's cricket community. 

Which game is Anjum Chopra in?
Anjum Chopra plays cricket for India. She was an avid athlete from a young age, competing on the track and field, basketball and swimming teams for her high school and university. She also participated in the national champion Delhi State basketball squad.
When did Anjum Chopra retire?
Chopra was the first Indian female cricketer to play in six World Cups, hit an ODI century, play in 100 ODIs, and lead India to victory in its inaugural international Test series. Even though I officially retired in 2012, I am still actively helping the game, and for that, I am glad, appreciative, and thankful.
Is Anjum Chopra married?
Anjum Chopra, former captain of the Indian women's cricket team, is still single in 2023.