Anjum Chopra Reflects On The Importance Of Caution And Consequences

Anjum Chopra, former captain of India, has witnessed firsthand the explosive growth of women's cricket. She is a skilled left-handed batsman who has played 157 games for India (12 Tests, 127 ODIs, and 18 T20Is), 41 of which she has captained. She discussed India's lacklustre play in the T20I and ODI series against Bangladesh, which India won 2-1 but ended in a 1-1 draw following Saturday's tied game in Mirpur. In the third one-day international, skipper Harmanpreet Kaur assaulted the umpires and destroyed the stumps after getting out. Sanctions from the International Criminal Court are quite probable.

Chopra discussed Kaur's behaviour and the team's preparations for the upcoming Asian Games in Hangzhou.

Harmanpreet could  have acted more cautiously

When Harmanpreet calms down and the anger subsides, she will acknowledge that she could have handled the disapproval better. It's not the bad venting itself but the timing and manner in which it's done. Harmanpreet should also have chosen her words more carefully. Anjum Chopra century showed her limited-overs skills and grit.

Umpiring is one of the major causes behind the Indian squad's anxiety.

Anjum Chopra said things would have been handled better even if the Indian team had any doubt that the certain decisions were against them. The chaos occurred as there was not a snickometer or ball tracking technology available to judge the situation. The Indian captain should have shown her composure and not let the things escalate to the point where she had to attend the post-game conference to air her grievances. Message delivery could have been better. The Indian team's dissatisfaction with their performance may be understandable, but it should have stayed in the locker room. It wasn't right to act like that in public.

Was the use of DRS could make any things better? 

It is upon the production team to decide on whether or not DRS is used. A lot of technicalities including specific cameras, personnel, and other resources are required for this. A DRS couldn't have been used in the match even if you wanted to because the YouTube broadcast that went live was a significantly scaled-down version of the technology.

The Indian team's play in Bangladesh was inconsistent. 

The match went very bland. One would have easily  observed the difference between India and Bangladesh match in the morning and the women's Ashes in the evening. The pitch is one of the primary explanations. The game went fair as soon as the rise was on, and plenty of runs were scored. Spectators were looking forward to the Anjum Chopra test to see how her batting style and tenacity fared.

Anjum's view on how to bridge the gap in the Ashes vs India-Bangladesh

Anjum said, a plan of action needs to be established first. We keep making the same errors. It's hardly the first time we've sputtered during a pursuit. However, what we take away from them is of utmost importance. At first we had trouble finding a speed bowling partner for Jhulan Goswami but now we are finding difficulties in both the ends. The new ball series opener Amanjot Kaur and Pooja Vastrakar are just the third and fourth change seamers. Therefore, we must ensure we have the arsenal before even considering closing the gap with Australia and England. If so, are we making use of them? There are a lot of untied strings.

Anjum Chopra view on precaution guides us towards a more thoughtful and attentive way of living by emphasising the significance of foresight, responsibility, and the potential repercussions of our actions.

Who is Anjum?
Anjum provides commentary and analysis for Doordarshan and other major news and sports networks. She is a sportscaster who analyses women's cricket from a player's perspective on national television.
What religion is Anjum?
As a result of her first modelling job being a bikini shot, Anjum's conservative Muslim family in Ratnagiri disowned her. She also mentioned that she would walk from Bandra to Andheri throughout her worst times.
How old is Anjum Chopra ?
Born on 19th May 1977, she turned 46 this year.