Arun Lal: People Don’t Realise How Difficult It Is To Coach A Ranji Trophy Team

People get excited to see emerging talents in action in the IPL. Most fans feel how blessed those players are. However, those amateurs have to shed enough sweat in domestic cricket such as Ranji Trophy and similar tournaments to make their entrance to IPL and other international events. The success of many star players rests on the shoulders of their coaches.

Ask Arun Lal how pressing it is to hone the skills of a newcomer. This veteran test cricket has replied about this point in a recent interview.

Arun Lal News

The test cricketer has been a popular commentator in many matches. However, he took to coaching to pass on his cricketing abilities to youngsters. Arun Lal has been coaching the Bengal team. After helping the team to two successive knockouts in Ranji Trophy, he tendered his resignation to the cricket association of Bengal. Many people and the media were surprised at his resignation. The move came as a sudden shock because Lal has been coaching the team effectively.

When approached, Arun Lal responded to his resignation stating that it was a deliberate decision. He said that he wasn’t able to carry out the job for the next year. According to him, his job was almost done. It was a tiring job without any stoppage. As such, he was quite tired and needed a break. So, he resigned from his post.

According to Arun Lal, coaching a Ranji Trophy team is the most challenging task. He further stated that people feel it might be easy to hone the skills of domestic cricketers. However, that’s easier said than done. Coaching an IPL team or any international team isn’t too difficult because those players come with skills well-sharpened.

Arun Lal Records As a Coach

The former cricketer has a good record in test cricket. He also played some ODIs. However, his contribution to domestic cricket has been commendable. Lal took the reign of Bengal coaching four years ago. He worked hard to ensure that Bengal reached the final of the 2019-20 season before the team lost to Saurashtra.

Bengal’s performance in domestic racket has been better under the coaching of Arun Lal. Earlier the team used to lose matches after matches in quick succession. In those days, Lal would spend his time at the mic making comments during international or domestic matches. Anticipating his expert mind, the Cricket Association of Bengal appointed Lal as the coach of Bengal cricket.

Arun Lal used all possible resources and his wisdom to sharpen the traits of emerging cricketers. It was his hard work that brought the team to the knockouts in Ranji for two consecutive years.

Arun Lal test cricket matches for India have been commendable. He now wishes to pass on his cricketing experience to domestic cricketers. While he has tendered his resignation from the post of Bengal coach, he wishes to mentor teams. Let’s wait and see what next move Lal takes in the coming months.

Why did Arun Lal resign from the post of Bengal coach?
The veteran cricketer worked extremely hard for the last four years and helped the team enhance its performance in Ranji Trophy. Now wants to take a break after a tiring 4-year tenure as a coach.
Does Lal intend to return to coaching soon?
No, he doesn’t plan to become a full-time coach in the future. Instead, he plans to mentor a team.
What are Lal’s future plans?
Currently, the former cricketer wants to return to the commentary box. He has been a successful commentator for quite a while. So, he wants to continue this job again.