Ashleigh Gardner's Soaring Rise In The Latest ICC ODI Rankings For Women's Cricket

Today, women mark their appearance in any sector. The truth is they have been shining in all fields for the last few decades. Cricket isn’t an exception in this case. Many female cricketers have demonstrated exceptional skills with their bat and ball for their respective teams. Ashleigh Gardner is one such name that has captivated the hearts of fans all over the world. This young Australian player quickly touched the height of fame in one-day international matches. Let’s dive deeper to get better insights into her skills.

Ashleigh Gardner Records in ODI

The young Australian cricketer registered significant gains in the latest update of MRF Tyres players’ rankings in the women’s section. Her rankings rose as a result of the Australian team’s 2-0 victory over Ireland in the ODI series. While the first match was washed out by rain, Australia won the remaining two matches. Ashleigh Gardner shined in Aussie’s win. She performed well in bowling as well as batting departments.

Ashleigh Gardner also became the women’s ICC cricketer for June 2023. She reached her career-best ranking in all three formats jumping five slots from 21 to 16. She earned 579 rating points in the batsman’s list after a fiery 39-ball 65-run knock in the second match against Ireland. The cricketer further moved one place up in the bowler’s list. She picked 3 wickets for 38 in the third match, and her points totaled 673. This, in turn, let her move up in the ranking ladder.

What’s So Special About Ashleigh Gardner Stats?

The best part of this young Australian lies in her ability to play well in any situation.  Most players get carried when making runs on a batting pitch. In the zeal to make quick runs, they fall prey to the bowler’s wit and throw their wickets in the process. However, Ashleigh Gardner isn’t such a player. She’s quite smart and plays according to the demand of the match.

If the pitch favours the bowlers, she plays cautiously. She never throws her wicket and makes runs with singles and doubles. Also, she never gets panicked amid tough situations. When she middles the bat correctly, Ashleigh Gardner takes the bowlers to task. She doesn’t hesitate to take lofty shots and amasses quick runs to speed up the run rate for her team.

As far as bowling is concerned, she is considered one of the most intelligent bowlers in the arena. She identifies the weak points of the batsmen and taps into their weaknesses. When the pitch favours the batsmen, Ashleigh Gardner bowls good length deliveries to keep the batsmen from scoring easy runs. By doing so, she forces the batsmen to make mistakes, which pays off in terms of catches or run-outs (as the case may be). She is also a splendid fielder who takes fine catches and saves runs.

Ashleigh Gardner has quickly become the most valuable player for the Australian side, especially in one-day international matches. She recently topped the list of the ODI ICC Player of the Month due to her fine performances with bowling and batting. Let’s find out how far she goes in the upcoming tournaments.

Is Ashleigh Gardner a batsman or a bowler?
She is a fine batsman. At the same time, she bowls well, which is why she has become a key player for the team.
For which team does Ashleigh play?
She plays for Australia. While she plays in all three formats, she is the hot choice in ODIs, thanks to her stunning performances.
For which team does Ashleigh play in the women’s IPL?
She bats and bowls for Gujarat Titans. Ashleigh is a right-handed batsman and a right-arm off-spin bowler. Her performances in T20s are amazing with the bat and the ball.