Assessing Fitness Levels: Abdul Razzaq's Remarks On Babar Azam Compared To Virat Kohli

According to a Times of India interview with former Pakistan all-rounder Abdul Razzaq, Virat Kohli is more physically fit than Babar Azam, the team's captain. For the past three to four years, Kohli and Azam have been compared frequently. This is true even though Azam made his Pakistani debut in 2015, whereas Kohli made his India debut in 2008. With a top score of 254, Virat Kohli has played in 108 Tests and amassed 8416 runs at an average of 48.93, including 28 hundreds and 38 fifties.

He has also played 274 One Day Internationals, totalling 12898 runs with 46 centuries, 65 fifty-sevens, and an average of 57.32, with a top score of 183*. In 115 T20Is, Kohli has amassed 4008 runs, including one century and 37 half-centuries. His highest score in a T20I is 122*, and Abdul Razzaq century average is 52.73.

Comparatively speaking, Babar Azam has 3696 runs in 47 Tests, 9 hundreds, 26 fifties, and a top score of 196. His 4813 runs in 95 Abdul Razzaq ODI, which include 17 tonnes, 24 fifty-sevens, an average of 59.41, and a top score of 158, a total of 59.41. Babar's T20I career totals include 3355 runs, an average of 41.41, two centuries, 30 fifties, and a top score of 122. He has played 99 matches and amassed 3355 runs.

Abdul Razzaq's Remarks on Babar Azam

Babar Azam is Pakistan's top player, and Abdul Razzaq is an outstanding and fantastic player. In an interview with the Times of India, Abdul Razzaq stated that Kohli's fitness is far superior to Babar Azam's when questioned about the Virat Kohli v. Babar Azam dispute. Virat is a superb player. The fact that he brings his crew along is the best part. 

His intentions are always good. He uses his abilities to great effect. The most important aspect is his elite level of fitness. Virat Kohli's fitness level is not comparable to that of Babar Azam. Babar has to improve his physical fitness. Pakistan's top athlete is Babar.

The best batter in the world (ODIs) is Babar. He has regularly performed well regardless of the game's format, whether it be a Test, ODI, or T20I. Every nation has a player similar to them, Virat and Babar, described by Abdul Razzaq. There is no need to contrast them. It's like questioning who Kapil Dev or Imran Khan is better. These comparisons don't make sense. In India, Kohli is a good player. Babar Azam is an excellent player in Pakistan, too. Both Babar and Kohli are professional athletes. However, he said, Kohli is far fitter than Babar. After a century drought of more than three years, Virat Kohli has lately found his batting form. Abdul Razzaq made three hundreds in ODIs, against Bangladesh and New Zealand, and a stunning 186 against Australia in recent Tests. He scored his first century in T20Is against Afghanistan in the Asia Cup 2022.

Azam has the advantage in terms of strike rate despite Kohli having a better batting average. With a strike rate of 137.66 and an average of 50.57 runs per inning in T20 Internationals, Kohli has amassed 3,296 runs in 90 innings. Azam, on the other hand, has amassed 2,987 runs in 74 innings at a 41.52 average and a 129.45 strike rate.

How Does Babar Azam Easily Outperform Virat Kohli's Predictions?
Compared to Babar's 12,270 runs in 251 matches, including 30 centuries, the former India captain has scored 25,322 runs in 497 games, including 75 centuries. Imran Khan thinks that if Babar produces consistently, he has the talent and ability to surpass Kohli's accomplishments.
In an ODI, Virat Kohli or Babar Azam, who performs better?
In 2023, Babar Azam will hold the coveted No. 1 position in ODI batting, while Virat Kohli will be ranked ninth in the ICC ODI rankings. Fans and experts alike continue to be enthralled by the dynamic rivalry between these two cricketing titans.