Avesh Khan Set To Join Team India As Net Bowler

Avesh Khan, the Delhi Capitals' speedster, was ready to make his presence felt within worldwide cricket. It was after a stellar overall performance in the IPL, in which he picked up an excellent 23 wickets, that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) extended an invite for him to sign up for the Indian T20 World Cup squad as a net bowler. 

This call-up came on the heels of Avesh's standout display in the tournament, making him the second fast bowler after the promising Umran Malik to be included in the squad.

The national selectors had decided to also include Avesh Khan in the group. As of now, he will be a net bowler but if the team management feels, he can be upgraded, as per a source closely associated with the BCCI selection committee.

Avesh's inclusion was no surprise given his express pace and his knack for extracting disconcerting bounce even from the flattest pitches. His average speed ranged between 142 to 145 kilometres per hour, making him a formidable option in the bowling department. Throughout Avesh Khan’s IPL season, he has been on the radar of the support staff.

However, Avesh's journey to this point hadn't been without its share of challenges. Earlier in the year, he was with the Indian Test squad in England, albeit as a standby player. 

Unfortunately, his excursion was cut short due to a freak finger fracture sustained in India's match against the Combined Counties. Many believed that Avesh Khan had a robust chance of playing if he made it into the squad, specifically considering the English situations that favoured his technique of bowling.

As the T20 World Cup approached, a second noteworthy development became the role of all-rounder Hardik Pandya. While Hardik was all set to stay with the Indian group, his back problems meant he was predicted to contribute purely as a batter throughout the event. This choice was made to make certain that he again wouldn't be subjected to the stresses of rapid-medium bowling.

In conclusion, Avesh Khan's adventure of evolving into a net bowler for the Indian T20 World Cup squad showcased his ability and the popularity he had garnered via his splendid performance in the IPL. 

As India was ready to open their World Cup campaign, the cricketing arena awaited with bated breath to see if Avesh's top-notch capabilities would lead him to a spot at the standby listing or perhaps even beyond.

Why was Avesh Khan in the spotlight?
Avesh Khan is an upcoming fast bowler known for his impressive pace.
Why did the BCCI extend an invitation to Avesh Khan?
The BCCI invited Avesh Khan to join the Indian T20 World Cup squad as a net bowler.
Did Avesh Khan IPL performances contribute to his selection for the T20 World Cup squad?
The incredible Avesh Khan’s IPL performance, where he took 23 wickets, caught the attention of the BCCI selectors.
What role did Avesh Khan play in the IPL, and how did he fare?
Avesh Khan played as a fast bowler for the Delhi Capitals in the IPL, where he picked up 23 wickets and was among the top wicket-takers.
What challenges did Avesh Khan face in his cricketing journey, and how did they impact his career?
Avesh Khan faced obstacles such as financial constraints and injuries, but his determination led to his recognition.
Why was Hardik Pandya's role adjusted for the T20 World Cup?
Hardik Pandya's back issues required him to play solely as a batter during the T20 World Cup to avoid stressing his back while bowling.
What is Avesh Khan's bowling style, and why did he gain attention from the support staff?
Avesh Khan bowls with express pace, consistently delivering between 142 to 145 kilometres per hour, and his ability to generate bounce impressed the support staff.