Babar Azam- The Rising Star

The growing cricket star, Babar Azam, has captured the attention of cricket enthusiasts around the world. Babur is a Pakistani native from Lahore who quickly rose to fame with his exceptional and extraordinary skills and talent. His incredible journey from the streets of Lahore to the international cricket arena is an inspiration to millions of people who desire to play cricket.  Babur is famous for his calm composure and immaculate technique, which he used to knock out opponents in matches. Fans are always expecting something new and more from this talented cricketer whenever he runs down to the stadium. 

Early Life and Cricket Journey

From a very young age, rising star Babur Azam showed a strong interest in the field of cricket. He started taking cues from his family members, who were also active players in the game. He also practised his shots in Lahore's streets by initiating his cricket heroes, which brought him to the attention of local coaches and selectors. His passion for cricket advanced steadily through age-group cricket and levelled up to scoring runs at every match. 

Domestic And International Breakthrough

Babur Azam's talent in domestic cricket accomplishments was quickly recognised and he was given a spot on the Pakistan Under-19 team. He demonstrated his enormous potential in 2010 in the Under-19 World Cup, where his remarkable skills  and amazing strokeplay led to Pakistan’s victory. This made the whole Pakistani audience know that the cricket world has a new star. 

Babar made his international debut in 2015, five years after making his domestic debut. He made his test debut  in Dubai against the West Indies team, and just in the second test game, Babur’s magic was already spreading and his significant influence in the match was easily visible. His outstanding performance continued in limited-overs cricket as well, drawing praise from cricket experts and admirers all around the world.

Babur also made his ODI debut in the same year against Zimbabwe, and in his third ODI match, he scored his first ODI half century. In the following year, he also made his T20I debut against England at Manchester. Although they lost the match, Babur scored his first T20I century in his debut match. 

Captaincy And Leadership

Babur was given many leadership roles in his cricket journey. He was put in charge of leading the Pakistan cricket team in the limited-overs format.  In 2019, he was named captain of the Pakistan cricket team in T20Is. Many Cricket experts approved of his selection as captain because they saw his potential for leadership and his captaincy's ability to motivate his players. 

The Pakistan cricket team grew under his leadership, and he set an excellent example by routinely scoring runs with his bat. Although it was difficult to assume command at such a young age, Babar's maturity and tactical knowledge allowed him to handle the duties with poise.

Global Recognition and Achievements

Due to his rapid rise to prominence, Babur has received recognition on a global level and has been applauded for his achievements by some of the best men alive today. He has constantly been listed as one of the best batsmen across all formats of the game in the ICC rankings. 

He showed his dominance in cricket to the world by becoming the fastest Pakistani batsman to reach 1000 runs in T20I cricket. Recently, he completed his 5000 runs in just his 97th ODI innings and broke the record of veteran South African batsman Amla. 

The rise of Babur Azam from a young aspiring boy playing cricket to one of the most capable and reliable batsmen in domestic cricket is nothing short of a fairytale for him and his fans. He has become a cricket sensation and an inspiration for aspiring players due to his commitment and respect for cricket.


What is Babur Azam's Playing Style?

Babur Azam is an outstanding right-handed batsman and is known for his elegant stroke play and remarkable techniques. 
What sets Babur Azam apart from other cricketers?
Babur's calm mind and relaxed composure set him apart from his contemporaries. Therefore, it makes him one of the most promising and capable batsmen in modern cricket. 
Does Babur Azam bowl?
Babur Azam is focused on improving his batting skills every day and does not regularly bowl in INternational matches.