Balwinder Singh Sandhu: The Unsung Hero Of 1983 World Cup - Bowling The Best Ball In The Final

Balwinder Singh Sandhu is not a name that is likely to be mentioned much when researching the history of Indian cricket. In reality, Balwinder Singh Sandhu's career lasted just two years. The person who didn't do anything before or after 1983 but ended up scoring the winning wicket in the World Cup final with a bowled ball.

What Went Down During the Final Match?

Balwinder Singh Sandhu got his moment in the spotlight on June 25, 1983. For the ultimate prize, the underdogs battled the reigning champs. The cricket experts all agreed that India's run to the final was a complete fluke, considering how bad their ODI team was. This, indeed, was a momentous occasion.

Everything had gone according to plan in the first half of the game. India was bowled out for 183, and the West Indies were already dreaming of a hat trick of World Cup victories. Australia did win in 1999, 2003, and 2007.

Gordon Greenidge and Desmond Haynes made the first two outs of the inning. Given a fresh ball, Balwinder Singh Sandhu did what he does best: he swung for the fences.

Almost everyone expected Sandhu's ball that pitched outside the off stump to glide through to the keeper, but Greenidge decided to leave it. However, the odds, the game, and the laws of nature had other plans. As the ball swung in, it struck the bail and shattered it. There was no changing Greenidge's mind about how the ball looked now. As the ball shook the stumps, he could only watch helplessly. Naturally, that phase passed quickly. India struck first, and Kapil Dev's motivational speech in the locker room about making them work for every run was bearing fruit. 

India defeated West Indies by 43 runs (after reducing them to 140) to pull off the biggest surprise in cricket history. 

That ball set the tone for the rest of the evening. Balwinder Singh Sandhu had yet to accomplish much before the final, and he was likely only to achieve a little afterwards. Many people remember the finest ball he bowled in the championship because of that day. It's been called a candidate for "ball of the century" by some. 

Like everyone else, Balwinder Singh Sandhu had 15 minutes of fame, which was his time to shine at Lord's. That is indeed a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Professional Mentoring and Coaching

After retiring from professional play, Balwinder Singh Sandhu shared his knowledge and experience with the next generation of cricketers. Several young players have benefited from his coaching and guidance as he has helped them hone their skills and prepare for the game's challenges.

The Mumbai Indians, a powerhouse side in the Indian Premier League (IPL), benefited from his teaching expertise as a bowling coach. Many sportsmen have credited Balwinder Sandhu's advice and mentoring as a major factor in their development and success.

Let the story of Balwinder Singh Sandhu remind us of the value of sticking with something despite setbacks, the importance of seizing opportunities, and the difference we can make if we follow our hearts and work tirelessly towards our goals. Let his accomplishments motivate us to pursue our forms of excellence.

Who is Balwinder Sandhu?
He helped at the National Cricket Academy and coached for the Mumbai and Punjab teams. He was a club cricket player and coach in Kenya in the 1990s. He had long ties to the Indian Cricket League (ICL). They are his two daughters.
What are some of Balwinder Sandhu’s professional achievements?
Balwinder Sandhu has accomplished a great deal in his time on the cricket pitch. His bowling prowess and decisive catch in the final helped India win the 1983 Cricket World Cup, and he became a hero among cricket fans around the world.
How does Balwinder Sandhu generate his income?
Balwinder Sandhu's money comes from several different places. Sandhu's sources of income include his work as a pundit for cricket tournaments and his endorsement deals with major companies.