Banter Extraordinaire: Fans In Awe As Kieron Pollard And Dwayne Bravo Engage In Hilarious Exchange

Cricket is a serious game that can change the mood and situation anytime but it is not always required. Being serious in the playgroup can be effective for players and the audience. To decrease the seriousness and stressful situation cricket players and commentators help a lot. They make the audience laugh with their funny commentary and also change the mood. Kieron Pollard match banter and Dwayne Bravo collaboration left everybody in awe as they were engaged in a hilarious talk on the match. 

They both entertained the entire audience and made everybody laugh with their funny antics. Having these kinds of people at the match is necessary to make the surroundings and mood. Kieron Pollard match collaboration with Dwayne Bravo has become essential for all cricket fans. 

Who is Kieron Pollard and Dwayne Bravo?

Kieron Pollard is a former West Indies cricketer. Kieron Pollard was born on 12 may 1987 in Tacarigua, Trinidad. He has been in the cricket association. Kieron Pollard century in ODI tournament is quite amazing and he always played the fullest. 

Kieron Pollard made his debut in the ODI 2007 tournament in the World Cup versus South Africa. He is an aggressive and fast batsman and always being in attack mode on the ground. At the international level, he has shown his talent and performance at the best level. Kieron Pollard IPL track record is also impressive. 

Dwayne Bravo is also a West Indies cricketer. He is among the most sharp and talented bowlers and coaches. Currently, he is in the position of Chennai Super Kings bowler's coach. He was born on 07 October 1983 in Santa Cruz, Trinidad. He is 37 years old and played for the West Indies, Mumbai Indians, etc. Dwayne Bravo has proved himself a domestic and international level champion and now leading a popular IPL team. 

Dwayne Bravo and Kieron Pollard Funny Collaboration at the Ground

Dwayne Bravo and Kieran Pollard IPL or any other match funny bunter always entertain the audience. People love to watch them playing together. They both cheer for each other and celebrate each other's success. 

They both are strong as rock and always touch the new record of scores.  Whether they are on the field or off the field, their funny bond and true friendship can be seen everywhere. Dwayne Bravo and Kieran Pollard make interviews, shows or events joyful and funny with their weird acts. Their fans love to see them like this. 

Dwayne Bravo and Kieran Pollard ODI careers are successful and the two versatile cricket players know how to uplift the ground. We remember one incident when Bravo took Pollard's wickets and Pollard was going back from the ground. 

Bravo could not stop himself from teasing Pollard by doing their celebration dance. The entire audience was laughing so hard and enjoying that moment. Another incident happened as we all know how tall Pollard is and he pretended to give a piggyback ride to Bravo when got run out on the ground. This moment filled the stadium with lighter and claps for both of them. 

Friendship like Dwayne Bravo and Kieran Pollard is an inspiration for all of his fans. Their funny moments and fun on the ground make the viewer laugh their heart out. This is the reason why people love them and want to watch them more. Along with this not only their humour but also their professional career graph is also amazing. 

Who is Dwayne Bravo?
Dwayne Bravo is a West Indies cricket player born on 07 October 1983. He is among the most sharp and talented bowlers and coaches also.
Who is Kieron Pollard?
Kieron Pollard is a former West Indies cricketer. Kieron Pollard was born on 12 may 1987 in Tacarigua, Trinidad.
Why do people love Bravo and Pollard's friendship?
People love Bravo and Pollard's friendship because of their humorous nature and the funny moments they create on the ground while teasing each other.