Behind The Stumps: Aaron Finch's Love Story And Life With His Wife

The renowned Australian international cricketer Aaron Finch has always left us all amazed with his top-notch batting skills! The batsman not only knows how to impress people on the ground but also off the ground! Yes, the aggressive batsman who can knock off all the balls thrown at him is a sweet and simple man behind those stumps who is deeply in love with his wife!

We all know Aaron Finch as an outstanding cricketer, but only a few know about his love story with his partner! Well, Aaron Finch, age 36 years, has been married to his wife Amy Griffiths for 5 years now and the couple has had quite a dreamy love story! So, let’s take a quick walk through what Finch’s love story with his wife Amy was like!

When Did Aaron Finch Meet His Wife?

Aaron Finch and his wife were dating for a long time before getting married. How, when, or where the couple first met is still a mystery though! However, after dating for a long period, the opening batsman finally proposed to his then-girlfriend Amy Griffiths with a ring. It was during the time of IPL 2016 when the couple were in India for the match! Finch and Amy got engaged at the time when Finch proposed but they didn’t marry right after. 

When Did the Couple Get Married?

After getting engaged in 2016, Aaron Finch and Amy were in a courtship period for almost two years. It was in 2018 when both decided to move forward and enter the beautiful phase of marriage. The couple hosted a grand wedding on April 7, 2018, with close family and friends present to bless them when they walked down the aisle.

After three years of marital bliss, the couple finally entered the parenthood phase of their lives. They welcomed a sweet little baby girl on September 7, 2021! Amy and Aaron Finch daughter is named Esther Kate Finch and she will soon be turning two in September 2023.

Get to Know Finch’s Wife Amy Griffiths

Aaron Finch's wife Amy Griffiths currently works as a Network Integration Specialist. She has always been seen actively supporting and cheering up for Finch during his matches. As per sources, Amy’s hobbies include collecting shoes, shopping, swimming, and travelling around! She is very passionate about her career and compassionate about her family. She is also said to be a big-time foodie and her favourite delicacies include pies and chocolates. Along with that, Amy is also an ardent dog lover and she has even adopted three adorable doggies.

Aaron Finch has always been appreciated for his raging batting skills. He was one of the finest players and the captain the Australian team was blessed with. Apart from that, he also continues to prove how amazing of a husband and father he is. His love story with wife Amy has had us gushing all over and we couldn’t help but fall in love with the beautiful love story they have had over the years! We must say that Aaron Finch's wife is one lucky human out there and so is he!

When did Aaron Finch retire from international cricket?
Aaron Finch retired from One Day International cricket in September 2022 and he announced his retirement from T20I format in February 2023.
What is Aaron Finch's highest score?
Aaron Finch holds the record of scoring a massive 172 runs in the T20I format which is the highest ever by any batsman.
How old is Aaron Finch's daughter?
Aaron Finch’s daughter was born on 7th September 2021. She will turn two in 2023.
How old was Finch when he got married?
Aaron Finch was 31 years old when he got married in the year 2018.