‘Bhaiyya, Kyu?’: Venkatesh Iyer Recalls How MS Dhoni’s Clever Field Placement Outsmarted Him

The game of cricket demands a combination of precision and strategy, requiring not only physical skill but also, mental acuity and a thorough comprehension of the rules. Beyond being a mere contest between bat and ball, cricket has always been a test of intelligence and leadership, with the captain holding a vital position. A notable instance in the annals of Indian cricket is the confrontation between Venkatesh Iyer, a young prodigy, and one of India's finest captains, MS Dhoni, known as "Bhaiyya Kyu?". This moment is a testament to Dhoni's brilliance and his capacity to surmount obstacles with his tactical acumen.

The Background :

Venkatesh Iyer was born on 25th December, 1994 that makes Venkatesh Iyer’s age 28. Venkatesh comes from Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Despite his father Rajasekaran Iyer and his mother Usha Iyer not approving of his interest in cricket, he pursued it anyway. Venkatesh has an elder sister named Priya Lakshman Rao. What many people don't know is that Venkatesh holds an MBA degree in finance. In an interview, he mentioned that he was a bright student and could have ended up in an IIT had it not been for cricket. Venkatesh's debut match in first-class cricket during the 2018-2019 Ranji Trophy season, playing for Madhya Pradesh against Hyderabad.

The Encounter :

It was the 2021 Indian Premier League. Venkatesh Iyer’s IPL auction was won by Kolkata Knight Riders. He made his debut match against Royal Challengers Bangalore and scored a half-century against Mumbai Indians. Iyer was quite an emerging player throughout the IPL series keeping an average of 41 and a strike rate of 129. He has a run total of 370. The stage was set for a smashing encounter between the Kings and Knights.

The "Bhaiyya, Kyu?" Moment:

Venkatesh was amazed by the captain's field placement for the match. However, he was initially confused by the positioning of a fielder on the wrong side, as he was supposed to be further to the right. It wasn't until later that Venkatesh realised the clever strategy that Dhoni had come up with for the upcoming shots. Iyer fell for the bait and attempted a big shot towards the empty leg area, resulting in a surprising catch for everyone.

The stadium was in chaos and Venkateswar was confused. He asked the captain, "Bhaiyya, kyu?" (Why, Brother?). Mahendra Singh Dhoni explained that the ball was moving in a way that required precise fielding, which was exemplified by Iyer's struggle. 

 Another Spellbound incident:

Very similar to the last mentioned miracle, another such example was when Iyer was batting with one more guy. Two fielders were placed on an off-side when the captain displaced one of them to another side. Out of the blue, the next ball went off-side and Iyer was caught out. 

The Mind Games:

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a seasoned player who relies on his experience and strategic thinking rather than miracles or rocket science to make incredible predictions. His ability to psychologically analyse his opponents on the field sets him apart from the rest. He doesn't leave things to chance but rather carefully calculates his moves based on a thorough analysis of the match and keen observation of his opponents' thought processes. 

'Bhaiyya, Kyu?' is a memorable moment in cricket history that showcases the brilliance of captains like MS Dhoni. Smart field placement and predicting a batsman's move can make all the difference in high-pressure games. Venkatesh Iyer fell for Dhoni's trap but learned a valuable lesson in cricket strategy. The mind can be a powerful weapon on the field.

What is Venkatesh Iyer’s net worth?
Venkatesh Iyer’s net worth is INR 20 lakhs.
Mention the uniqueness in his batting and bowling style.
The all rounder has a unique feature of batting in his left hand while he is a right handed bowler.
Did Venkatesh Iyer get a job offer?
Yes, Venkatesh was offered a job from Deloitte but refused it to follow his passion.