Bowling Comparison: Kagiso Rabada Vs. Jofra Archer

Kagiso Rabada and Jofra Archer, both celebrated fast bowlers, have made tremendous impacts on worldwide cricket in their short span of careers. While they have one-of-a-kind strengths and styles, comparing their performances can provide insights into their prowess.

Bowling Styles and Approaches

Kagiso Rabada is a real swing bowler regarded for his ability to transport the ball each way. He combines this with rapid bouncers and well-completed yorkers, making him a versatile presence in all formats of the game.

Jofra Archer, alternatively, focuses on producing late swings, making it tough for batters to counter his deliveries. He's also recognised for his deadly bouncers and accurate yorkers, which add a layer of unpredictability to his bowling.

Test Cricket Comparison

Kagiso Rabada, who made his Test debut in 2015, has performed in 60 Test matches, claiming 280 wickets in 108 innings. With 13 5-wicket hauls and four ten-wicket hauls, he has an economy rate of 3.38 and takes a wicket every 22.34 balls.

Jofra Archer, who debuted in Tests in 2019, has played best 13 matches however taken 42 wickets in 24 innings. With an economy rate of 3 runs in an over and a strike rate of 62.12, he has shown potential.

In Test cricket, Rabada's superior strike charge gives him the threshold.

One Day International Comparison

Kagiso Rabada made a first-rate ODI debut in 2015, delivering a hat-trick in his first match. He now has 137 wickets from 89 matches. His economy rate is 5.02, and he's taking a wicket every 33.42 balls.

Jofra Archer's ODI career commenced in the 2019 World Cup, wherein he played a pivotal role in England's victory. With forty-two wickets in 21 matches,  an economy rate of 4.81, and a strike rate of 27.12, he has made a strong impact.

In ODIs, Archer's superior economy rate and strike rate make him the preference.

T20 International Comparison

Kagiso Rabada has featured in fifty-six T20Is since 2014, securing 58 wickets at an economy rate of 8.61. He takes a wicket approximately every 21 balls.

Jofra Archer, with 15 T20Is for England since 2019, has claimed 18 wickets with an economy rate of 7.66 and a strike rate of 19.33.

In T20Is, Archer's better economy rate and strike rate make him the standout performer.

IPL Comparison

Jofra Archer made his IPL debut in 2018 and has taken forty-eight wickets in 40 matches at an economy rate of 7.43.

Kagiso Rabada has been a part of the IPL since 2017 and boasts 104 wickets in 67 appearances with an economy rate of 8.35.

In the IPL, Rabada's higher wicket tally and effectiveness in extraordinary situations make him the standout performer.

In summary, each Kagiso Rabada and Jofra Archer have specific strengths and have made widespread contributions to their groups in various formats. While Archer shines in ODIs and T20Is, Rabada's consistency and flexibility make him a force to be reckoned with, particularly in Test cricket and the IPL. Ultimately, figuring out who is the better bowler can be subjective, however, it's clear that both are notable talents with vivid futures in international cricket.

Who are Kagiso Rabada and Jofra Archer?
Kagiso Rabada and Jofra Archer are distinguished rapid bowlers in global cricket.
How do their bowling patterns differ?
Kagiso Rabada is a swing bowler with versatile deliveries, whilst Archer focuses on late swing and unpredictability.
Who excels in Test cricket between the two?
Kagiso Rabada holds the distinction in Test cricket with advanced statistics.
Who is better in One Day Internationals (ODIs)?
Jofra Archer has the top hand in ODIs with an excellent economic and strike rate.