Brett Lee Gets Chased By Fans On A Scooter For A Selfie.

Brett Lee has always been popular among his Indian fans, so it obviously comes as no surprise that the cricketer is often seeked for selfies and autographs whenever he visits the country. Recently on Thursday, the cricketer was asked for a selfie, he would have agreed easily but the situation there got a little complicated 

Let’s dive a little more into the incident through this article.

What Happened that Day?

In the video, which appears to have been shot by Lee by himself, two of his fans can be seen riding their scooty parallel to Lee’s car and perpetually requesting Brett Lee for a selfie. Lee seemed concerned about them riding without helmets, the fans were only focused on getting a picture with the cricketer.  The fans can be seen riding an Activa, and perpetually asking out for a selfie, despite the cricketer's attempt to slow down and urge the fan to drive safely, the fans were just after the selfie.  

During the conversation, Lee asks the fans to drive safely, we can hear him saying “Aaram se Aaram se!”. The video has gained a lot of attention on social media, along with the video being viral fans are also praising Lee for his patience and humanity. 

About the cricketer 

Brett Lee is a former Australian cricketer renowned for his exceptional pace and athleticism. Born on November 8, 1976, in Wollongong, New South Wales, Lee was a fearsome fast bowler who consistently clocked speeds over 150 km/h (93 mph). He made his debut for the Australian national team in 1999 and became a vital part of their bowling attack for over a decade. Lee played 76 Tests and 221 One-Day Internationals, amassing 310 and 380 wickets, respectively. He was known for his aggressive on-field demeanour, infectious enthusiasm, and ability to deliver deadly yorkers. Post-retirement, he pursued a career in media and acted in several Indian films.

Cricket Career

For over a decade, Brett Lee stats show that he was a master of extreme speed, but he never had the kind of Test career that would have established him as a true great. With 310 wickets in 76 matches, he concluded as Australia's fourth-most successful bowler. He was fast and had a bright smile that added to his star qualities. Despite getting numerous injuries, he backed Jason Gillespie and Glenn McGrath brutally for the majority of his career. Until his body started to limit him in five-day competitions, he was a trustworthy attack leader in his final two years.

At his best, Lee could reverse with the older ball and outswing with the new one, rendering him a greater challenge for batters who tried to keep their cool knowing he could hit 160 kph. The leaping celebrations and storming run-up of a bowler who made a swift impression by capturing five wickets on his debut at the MCG contributed to the theatre. In his first seven Tests, 42 victims gave him an A-list credibility, but following an elbow operation, he was soon in rehabilitation. His ankles were regularly operated on, and side strains and stress fractures also occurred in the cycle of breath-taking speed, miserable injury, and protracted absence.

To sum up, cricket stars and their fans kind of really go hand in hand. We have always seen fans going all the way mad for their favourite cricket stars. In the case of Brett Lee, we can clearly see how he managed this vulnerable situation and also showed patience and humanity. 

What is Brett Lee net worth
Brett Lee net worth is approximately $11 million. 
When and where was Brett Lee's debut match?
Brett Lee's debut match was played on 9th January 2000 with Pakistan.