CSK Southpaw Devon Conway Talks About His Team's Strategy For IPL 2023

Talented left-handed batsman and opener for Chennai Super Kings, Devon Conway, has been establishing his mark in international cricket. After the breathtaking win against Royal Challengers Bangalore in Chinnaswamy Stadium, Devon Conway has issued a dire word of advice for all his opponents. He claimed that his team has been striving for 200-plus strike rates on favourable batting surfaces. The players wanted to post exceptional total scores that will increase their chances of winning games in the future. 

Devon Conway Share CSK’s Winning Strategy

Devon Conway (83 runs), Ajinkya Rahane, and Shivam Dube were instrumental in helping CSK reach the high total by scoring at a higher strike rate against RCB. The New Zealander expressed his happiness that his fellow teammates Rahane, Dube, Rayadu and Moeen Ali, each with run rates of 37, 52, 14 and 19, had outstanding strike rates. It was despite the fact that they were still far from their 200-plus mark. The collaborative effort of all the players ultimately contributed to extremely strong strike rates, which helped them reach a respectable total score. 

Devon Conway’s stats, with a strike rate of 188.44, feel that this was the only method they could adopt against the kind of batting and bowling delivered by RCB players. Conway was thankful to captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni for manning the wickets of Du Plessis and Maxwell. 

According to Devon Conway, one of the hardest things to do in night games was to grab the balls that go straight up in the dark of the night. He says that no one intentionally wants to drop catches, it just happens. He cannot confirm the reason behind such mishaps, but he is thankful that none of his team players suffered at the cost of the pressure that usually builds on the pitch. He believes that their bowling performance served to mitigate the effects of those dropped catches in all the games. 

MSD had warned the players that they might occasionally be under pressure before entering the field. The recovery from the hard play would be easier if the players picked up a few wickets. Therefore, the message to the bowlers of CSK was quite clear. They needed to be persistent and seize the opportunity when it was presented. 

Devon Conway and Spidercam Shenanigans 

Devon Conway has a strong opinion on the spider cams that constantly hover around players, making it difficult for the players to carry out their tasks without any horrific incidents. He believes that the game shouldn’t be affected by technology at any stage. 

Devon Conway says that its interference was felt a few times when the ball was extremely close to the wires and spider cam, which could potentially throw off a fielder. He also recalls Faf du Plessis moving away from the camera a few times because its shadows were blocking his path. It could be convenient to have such technology to provide various gaming perspectives, but there comes a time when it cannot meddle and get overly engaged. 

Matheesha Pathirana Earns Devon Conway’s Praise

Devon Conway complimented the efforts made by Matheesha Pathirana, the young bowler from Sri Lanka, for his excellent role in helping CSK win the game. His splendid bowling play in overs 18 and 20 helped CSK bowl out Shahbaz Ahmed in addition to getting rid of SS Prabhudessai, which slowed down RCB’s momentum. 

According to Devon Conway, Matheesha had made special efforts to join the cricket squad in his first IPL game of the season. He had outstandingly carried out his gameplay strategy under immense pressure. Matheesha’s unconventional game strategy won over Conway with his essential contribution to their victory. 

One of the most promising batters in New Zealand cricket and now an opening batsman for CSK, Devon Conway is known for his graceful batting style, sound gaming strategy and brilliant pitch play. He has developed into an essential member of CSK across all forms, providing significant contributions throughout the season.