Daryl Mitchell And Blair Tickner Lead New Zealand Fightback Against Sri Lanka

Blair Tickner mentioned that he will put his best foot forward to beat England in the first test match. He stated that he intended to get his first win in the test match and wanted to help the people of Hawke’s Bay. Floodwater had a disastrous impact, leaving the population without power, damaged properties, and more. 

Hawke’s Bay has experienced what is being called the worst storm ever in the living memory of the country. He intends to cheer the cyclone victims by backing the Black Caps to win the second test. He became a part of the clean-up operation in his home region. The place was reeling from the wrath of the deadly floodwaters. ‘Cricket at the moment is nothing compared to what people are going through at the moment’ - his emotional comment on the calamitous repercussions. He began to choke up while talking about the devastating condition of his hometown. 

Blair Tickner’s comment about the destruction caused by cyclone 

He made his debut in New Zealand and scored 267 against England before he was released for two days for helping his father whose home was destroyed by the cyclone. Tickner said that he would square the series and give his best to win before going back home and helping his family sail through the aftermath of the cyclone. 

He mentioned clearly how floodwater has a disastrous impact everywhere, mostly in Hawke’s Bay’s eastern region, where his father lived. He stated that his father’s house was destroyed and that it was good that he could get back and help them out. He further added that it was a difficult time for the entire reason and hence they decided to extend as much help as they could. ‘It’s been tough, it’s really tough at the moment, but Hawke’s Bay is staying strong’- added emotional Blair Tickner. 

He went on to add more and said that the test cricket does not seem challenging after seeing the deplorable condition of people, the sight of the stock dead beside the road and people crying about the loss. How their life has been flipped upside down.

Despite his mental condition, Blair Tickner took 4-127 on his New Zealand debut against England. He said he felt grateful that his father could see his test debut. He adds that one dreams about their test debut forever and the players definitely expect their family to be present. His father was lucky and in good health to come through. He was taking generators back to Hawke’s Bay to help people. While going back he stopped for some time and luckily could see his son’s first test wicket. Later ‘went on to a seven-hour drive home to help everyone’.

New Zealand Cricket authority has mentioned that the first one-day international cricket at Auckland against Sri Lanka will be a fundraiser. All of which will be used to help the victims of the cyclone. 

Ticker said that he wishes that they have a complete sell-out and money goes directly to the needy ones. He acknowledged the condition many times during his matches and said it has been a difficult phase for all the people across the country.  However, the Central Stags cricket team was extending a lot of help. 

Blair Tickner earned the maiden test cap against England, but he did not choke or get emotional on seeing his boyhood dream getting fulfilled. He got emotional talking about the devastation that cyclone Grabrille caused in his hometown. At times of such helplessness, community spirit plays a significant role in helping the disaster victims. Blair Tickner’s return to his native place not only gave strength to his family but also to the community. 

What is the net worth of Blair Tickner?
As of 2023, the net worth of Blair Tickener is $1 million which is ₹7 crores. His main source of earnings comes from cricket matches and brand endorsements. 
Is Blair Tickner married?
Yes, Blair Tickner is married to Sarah Reid. They got married in September 2022. 
When was Blair Tickner born?
Blair Tickner was born on 13th October 1993 in Napier, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.