“Dear Shane” – Tribute To Shane Warne, From An India Fan

An Australian cricket icon and all-time great, Shane Warne, died of a suspected heart attack on Friday, March 4, 2022, at 52. He was named one of Wisden's Five Cricketers of the Century after helping Australia win the 1999 World Cup. One of his admirers wrote this touching tribute.

A supporter of India's cricket team pays tribute to Shane Warne.

Dear Shane, 

Your sudden passing has broken us. It also showed us how unexpected life is. This has derailed our preparations like one of your horrible googlys did to a batsman's defence.

Anyway, I didn't come here to praise your athleticism. Enough has been said, and more will be said on the subject. And, Shane Warne, a billion words still wouldn't do your accomplishments credit.

You were more than just the international statistics of a thousand wickets or tens of thousands of runs. Because, you know, Shane, very few cricketers, much less spinners, possessed the kind of contagious charisma necessary to bring in paying customers.

You were the greatest showman of all time, capable of leaving audiences spellbound one moment and in tears the next (when India was playing against you).

Plenty of cricketers have been gifted with incredible abilities, but what made you, Shane, remarkable was not your ability alone but rather the cunningness with which you plotted the downfall of an opposing batter. 

You played cricket like a four-dimensional version of chess, and you were always five moves ahead of the other team.

Shane Warne, you exemplified what a flawed genius must be like. You were a womaniser, an adulterer, and a bookie when you weren't helping Australia win cricket matches. As a commentator, you were also a bit obnoxious. Your expertise in the game is unmatched, and you never shy away from expressing an opinion (which I greatly like), but I couldn't help but feel like your ego got in the way of your judgment at times.

We may have wanted you out of the comm box because you were pretty noisy and sometimes needed more knowledge about the other team members. However, you were also the first player to applaud a good performance by an opponent, the first to raise money for charity after the 2004 Tsunami, and the first to go out of your way to assist those you cared about. And that was evident by all the praise directed in your direction.

You were the type who would sign autographs for his followers until no one was left to ask and the kind who would gladly impart your vast store of knowledge to young people.

As I said, you were a flawed genius, the ideal personification of life; nonetheless, your good actions greatly outweighed your bad.

That's hilarious, Shane! Two months ago, I would mute you whenever you were on air, but now that you're off the air for good, I can't get your voice out of my head. 

However, as the adage goes, it is only until someone is gone that we truly understand and value them.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Shane Warne was a legend in the cricketing world. In the early 1990s, he practically single-handedly brought back leg spinning. In his heyday, he exploited his bottle-blond hair and aggressive approach to leg spin—not to mention his brilliant tactical mind—to outsmart many unsuspecting competitors.

What was Shane Warne famous for?
Shane Warne played cricket for Australia. In Test matches, his bowling was particularly noteworthy. He is truly a great cricketer as well as a human being. In all formats of cricket, he played well and helped his team win matches.
Who did Shane Warne leave his money to?
A legendary cricket player, Shane Warne, has bequeathed $20 million to his three children.
How much money did Shane Warne leave?
Following his untimely demise in 2022, Shane Warne's children will inherit most of his $21 million fortune.