Dhananjaya De Silva Slams His 10th Test Century - A Closer Look At The Batsman's Milestone Achievement

Cricket is a sport that is fueled by enthusiasm, determination and the drive to excel. Milestones have a special meaning in the world of international cricket since they demonstrate a player’s commitment and talent. 

Dhananjaya de Silva’s 10th Test century is one such milestone that has captured the attention of the cricket community. Coming from Sri Lanka, this gifted batsman's path to success is nothing short of motivation. This blog explores Dhananjaya de Silva's incredible achievements by exploring his background, playing method and the significance of his tenth Test century.

Dhananjaya Slams His 10th Century and Saves Sri Lanka

On the second day of the First test, which was being played in Galle, it was Sri Lanka's turn to bat against Pakistan at 242-6. After Sri Lanka dropped to 54-4 in the initial overs, the fifth-wicket duo of Dhananjaya de Silva and Angelo Mathews put on 131 runs, with Shaheen Shah Afridi claiming three wickets in his first test match. 

Despite losing his partner Sadeera Samarawickrama, who scored 36, following a 57-run partnership, Silva maintained his calm and remained decomposed during the lengthy final session in Galle. 

However, after two rain delays, Samarawickrama was also bowled out by Agh Salma's spin and the match was suspended for the day. Dhananjaya de Silva batted gracefully, therefore producing 10 fours and three sixes, one of which helped him reach his fifty-run milestone. But while he waited for his 10th test century in his 50th game, he slowed down in the closing hour of action. Mathews reached his 39th half-century in the five-day format while playing his 105th test.

Just after the partnership appeared at ease and Dhananjaya de Silva’s Test match began to challenge the bowlers with boundaries, Abrar Ahmed caught former captain Mathews behind the stump. However, Silva went on with Sadeera Samaewawickrama with a 50-run partnership. 

Although rain interrupted the match after 5.5 overs, Afridi was successful in destroying Sri Lanka's top-order batsmen Kusal Mendis and Karunaratne. After this, Dinesh Chandimal was also dismissed by Naseem Shan before Sri Lanka was saved by Mathews and Silva. Although Abrar Ahmed dismissed Mathews, Silva, who had a brilliant knock of 10 fours and three sixes, was still on pace to reach his tenth test hundred.

The Significance of 10th Century

In test cricket, scoring a century is a remarkable accomplishment that demonstrates a batsman's perseverance and focus. The success of his team was achieved by Dhananjaya de Silva's century. It showed his capacity to deliver under pressure and to manage the innings when his team needed it the most. By reaching this milestone, he has established both his place in Sri Lankan cricket history and his position as a senior player. 

The path chosen by Dhananjaya de Silva in Test to reach his tenth Test century is the tale of dedication, devotion and hardships. It exemplifies the true spirit of cricket as a game that honours the talent and the quest for excellence. Lastly, fans all over the world are eagerly anticipating his upcoming performances as he continues to pen his cricket journey. Hoping for many more centuries and glorious moments on the cricket pitch.

Has Dhananjaya de Silva captained the Sri Lankan Team?
Dhananjaya de Silva has not captained the Sri Lankan team but has been given the responsibility of vice-captain in both ODI and test matches. 
What is Dhananjaya de Silva's highest score in ODI cricket?
Dhananjaya de Silva's best score in his ODI match is 93 runs at an average of 28.01.
What is Dhananjaya de Silva’s wife’s name? 
Sri Lankan cricket Dhananjaya de Silva’s wife’s name is Sanduni Nisansala. They got married in 2018.