Did You Know That Don Bradman Met His Wife After He Fell Off His Bike

Don Bradman is one of the notable run scorers in the history of cricket. He is the man who is popular for his stunning test batting average of 99.9 and is considered a wizard who enchanted all cricket enthusiasts. Bradman truly embodies brilliance. His exemplary performances garnered praise from different corners of the world. 

Bradman's muscular strength can be attributed to how he was living. He gathered wrist and forearm strength by riding a bike and chopping wood. It is said that this bike also had a major role in the love life of Don Bradman. Haigh mentioned that he met his lady love after falling off the bike. It was indeed a schmaltzy moment - the play of fate. He always mentioned the contribution of his wife to his successful career. He said he would have never achieved what he had achieved without his wife, Jessie. 

How did Don Bradman and Jessie Martha Menzies meet with each other?

Don Bradman and Jessie Martha first met each other in 1920. It is from their childhood that the couple knew each other. Jessie, while attending school in Bowral, boarded with the Bradmans. The couple got married on 30th April 1932 at St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Burwood. It is said that Jessie has been the perfect fit for Bradman’s concentrated and mercurial character. In their entire 65 years of marriage, Jesse remained reliable and selfless. The marriage was close and mutually supportive. Bradman even mentioned that their marriage was like the best partnership of his life. 

It is his fame and strong fan base that the church where the couple was getting married was besieged by uninvited onlookers. The couple lived in Holden Street, Adelaide. Soon after their marriage, Bradmen became a part of Arthur Mailey’s private team to tour around the U.S. and Canada. Don Bradman took his wife with him and considered the trip a honeymoon. 

A notable instance of his affection towards Jessie can be seen when he asked the board to rule out a clause from the contract that forbade the wives to accompany the cricketers. When the board refused his request, he was outraged and drafted a resignation letter.

The couple have always been there for each other. The time when Bradman had fallen dangerously ill due to acute appendicitis when he was departing England after winning the series where Australia won by 561 runs. Jessie somehow got a passage on the first available ship to be present after Bradman got discharged from the hospital. Later, both of them returned to Australia, taking medical suggestions. Even at the time when Bradman developed fibrositis, Jessie helped him to recover from the acute condition. After the demise of Don Bradman’s wife, he underwent a discernible and not unexpected wilting of spirit. Later, in 2001, Bradman passed away. It is said that Bradman and Jessie’s ashes were spread on the Bradman Oval and surrounding areas. 

Sir Donald George Bradman has become an archetypal name both in cricket and wider spheres. He was a teetotaller and ambitious, regarded as the Don and ’too brilliantly individual’.  One of the strongest pillars responsible for Sir Bradman's notable success is Jessie Martha Menzies. 

When did Jessie Martha die?
Jessie Martha died on 14 September 1997 at the age of 88. It is assumed that she died because of cancer. 
How many children did Jessie Martha and Don Bradman have? What is their name? 
Jessie Martha Menzies and Don Bradman have three children. They lost their first child when he was an infant. His second son was John, and their daughter's name was Shirley. 
When and how did Don Bradman die?
Sir Don Bradman passed away on 25th February 2001 at the age of 92. He suffered from Pneumonia and could not recover from it.