Ebadot’s ‘Long Story’ From Volleyball To Bangladesh Cricket Hero

Ebadot Hossain is a 27-year-old fast bowler hailing from Bangladesh. He's not just another cricketer; he's won the affection of cricket enthusiasts with his distinct salute to celebrate every wicket he takes. 

Early Struggles and Selectors' Faith

During a recent match against New Zealand, Ebadot faced a tough challenge in the first innings. He managed to take just one wicket while conceding 75 runs. This performance was consistent with his overall career average, which wasn't particularly impressive at 81.54 before he joined the team in New Zealand. However, what's remarkable is that despite these early setbacks, the selectors from Bangladesh held firm in their belief in Ebadot's untapped potential.

A Humble Beginning:

Ebadot's cricket adventure started back in 2016 when he embarked on a 350-kilometre journey from his hometown to compete in a bowling competition. What set him apart was his incredible speed, catching the attention of selectors who invited him to a training camp in Dhaka. Fast forward to 2019, and Ebadot had earned a place in the Test squad. Although his speed was unquestionable, there was room for improvement in terms of finesse and technique.

Mentoring and Adaptation:

In his quest for improvement, Ebadot Hossain poured his heart and soul into refining his skills. His guiding light in this journey was none other than Ottis Gibson, a former West Indies player turned bowling coach. Ebadot openly acknowledged the challenges posed by adapting to foreign conditions, especially considering that the pitches back home in Bangladesh were known for being pretty flat. However, he didn't let this deter him. Instead, he persevered relentlessly, honing his ability to hit the top of those stumps and mastering the delicate art of reverse swing.

A Unique Journey:

Ebadot's journey is far from the usual cricket tale. Before making a name for himself in the cricketing world, he had a different role - as a volleyball player in the Bangladesh Air Force. It's during his time there that he picked up the distinctive salute he offered with each wicket. For Ebadot, being part of both the cricketing fraternity and the Bangladesh Air Force fills him with immense pride. He cherishes the chance to represent not only his country but also the organization that played a significant role in shaping his unique celebration.

Defining Moment: 

In a pivotal showdown against New Zealand, Ebadot truly stepped into the spotlight, displaying his incredible talent. During the second innings, he pulled off an extraordinary feat, taking a remarkable six wickets while conceding only 46 runs. It was a performance that left no doubt about his abilities, earning him the prestigious "Man of the Match" title. Ebadot's exceptional spell proved to be a game-changer, playing a pivotal role in Bangladesh's historic Test victory over New Zealand.

Nurturing Potential:

Despite Ebadot Hossain’s undeniable raw talent, he remains humble and hungry for improvement. He actively seeks advice in regard to things like field placements, getting the proper lengths, and increasing his field confidence. His bowling coach, Ottis Gibson, has been impressed by Ebadot's contagious enthusiasm and eagerness to learn. Gibson emphasizes that Ebadot has the capacity to give truly outstanding performances when his confidence soars. His eagerness to learn and develop puts him on the road to even greater success in the cricketing world.

The Path Ahead: 

Wicketkeeper Liton Das underscores the significance of patience and allowing Ebadot Hossain the time he needs to mature as a cricketer. He recognizes that Bangladesh doesn't frequently engage in Test matches, which can make it challenging for fast bowlers like Ebadot to gain consistent experience. Nevertheless, Das firmly believes that with each additional Test match, Ebadot will further establish himself as an invaluable asset to the team. It's a matter of giving him the opportunities he deserves and watching his potential continue to unfold on the field.

In only his 11th Test match, Ebadot Hossain's journey from volleyball to cricket stardom is a truly inspiring story of dedication, hard work, and unwavering belief. As he keeps getting better as a cricketer, there's no doubt that we'll see even more amazing moments from this up-and-coming cricket hero. Ebadot Hossain is not just known for his salute; he's a symbol of never giving up and always trying your best in the world of cricket.

How did Ebadot switch from volleyball to cricket?
Ebadot transitioned to cricket in 2016 after impressing selectors in a bowling competition.
What's Ebadot's career highlight?
Ebadot's standout performance against New Zealand included taking six wickets for 46 runs and earning "Man of the Match" honors in a historic Test victory.
How is Ebadot improving as a cricketer?
Ebadot seeks guidance in field placements and confidence. His coach, Ottis Gibson, applauds his eagerness to learn, which leads to outstanding performances when he's confident.