Ellyse Perry Becomes First Cricketer To Reach 1000 Runs, 100 Wickets In T20Is

Ellyse Perry made history with an unbeaten 47 during Australia's match at Hove. This incredible inning enabled her to become the first cricketer, whether male or female, to achieve the unique feat of scoring 1,000 runs and taking 100 wickets in T20 international cricket.

Ellyse Perry secured her 100th wicket in the World T20 final when she dismissed Nat Sciver. She then reached the 1,000-run milestone during a match on Sunday. While Ellyse Perry has shown consistent prowess in 50-over cricket, her T20I stats with the bat are more humble, with only three half-centuries in 60 innings. Nevertheless, she played a significant role in helping Australia achieve their 122-run target with 13 balls left.

A Closer Look at Ellyse Perry

Born on 3 November 1990, Ellyse Perry represents Australia in both cricket and soccer. She debuted in both sports at a young age of 16, which sets her apart as the youngest Australian to play international cricket. Additionally, she is the only Australian to have appeared in both ICC and FIFA World Cups.

Ellyse Perry’s talent has contributed to her team's successes, winning several championships at both international and domestic levels. She is the only player to achieve combined milestones of 1,000 runs and 100 wickets in T20Is. Ellyse Perry is not just an Australian cricket player; she's a record-holder too. She's scored the most runs by an Australian woman in Test matches.

Beyond her skills on the field, Ellyse Perry plays a big role off the field too. She's a big voice in Australia for promoting women's sports. And her efforts haven't gone unnoticed. In November 2020, she was up for three major cricket awards. Guess what? She took home all three! This was a nod to her fantastic performance from 2011 to 2020.

Move on to March 2021, and Ellyse Perry was on the field again. This time in a T20I match against New Zealand, where she scored a solid 23 not out. But she didn't stop there. During Australia's tour of India in October that year, she made headlines again. Ellyse Perry became the first woman to hit both 5,000 runs and take 300 wickets in international matches. And if that wasn’t enough, she then became Australia's most experienced female cricketer in another match against India.

In the 2023 Women's T20 World Cup, Ellyse Perry was the shining star for Australia. In their first game against New Zealand, she scored a fast 40 runs, leading to a big 97-run win. She took important wickets throughout the tournament and showcased great fielding skills, especially in the semi-final against India. With Ellyse Perry's help, Australia clinched their sixth T20 world title by beating South Africa in the final.

On her impressive milestones, Ellyse Perry shared that she enjoys playing T20 cricket as much as her male counterparts. She attributes her record to the sheer volume of matches she's played, now well over 100.

Being on the field with Meg Lanning was a highlight for Ellyse Perry, emphasising how much she enjoys batting alongside her. Perry also mentioned the challenge of chasing targets in T20, explaining the balance players need to strike between being aggressive and measured.

What recent achievement did Ellyse Perry accomplish in T20 international cricket?
Ellyse Perry recently became the first player to score 1,000 runs and take 100 wickets in T20 international cricket.
When did Ellyse Perry debut for the national cricket and soccer teams?
Ellyse Perry debuted for both the national cricket and soccer teams when she was just 16 years old.
How many world championships has Ellyse Perry won with Australia in cricket?
Ellyse Perry has won eight world championships with Australia in cricket.