England Will Give Adil Rashid Time Despite Unwanted Record Against Pakistan

Ben Stokes scored a run in the 144th of Pakistan's innings, right before lunchtime on the second day. It wasn't a typical run for him. He tossed the ball quickly from hand to hand, motioned a few fielders in different directions, and delivered his second first-class over off-spin.

England used him as their fourth spinner. It wasn't exactly a white flag, but it wasn't England's Plan A, B, or C from before the series. From time to time, Stokes has practised his off-spin in the nets by "mucking around more than anything," as he put it. However, he probably didn't expect to require it on the second day of a Test match.

Stokes took three quick wickets with his usual seam-up technique, but England's spin attack of Adil Rashid, Moeen Ali, Joe Root, and Stokes's lone over had collective figures of none for 302 when Misbah-ul-Haq declared on 523 for 8. The worst of anything is frequently debatable in cricket. Still, South Africa's none for 273 against Sri Lanka in Colombo in 2006 was the most expensive wicketless analysis for a spin attack in an innings in Test history.

When Australia and New Zealand bowled here last year, spin contributed to a total of 3 for 585 in the first innings. Until Pakistan, minus Yasir Shah, has tried to bowl out England with Zulfiqar Babar and Shoaib Malik, it might be prudent to reserve a final assessment. But the English slow bowlers had an innings as barren as the horizon in this part of the world.

Adil Rashid, who went wicketless, was the most hurt. At least the man he dethroned will know how he feels. In 2009, at Cape Town, Australia's Bryce McGain bowled an impressive 18-2-149-0 in his lone innings against South Africa.

The first innings was another chapter in the difficult history of English leg spin, but Adil Rashid should get another chance in this match or the coming matches to open his wicket account.

Since Eric Hollies, who took out Don Bradman for cricket's most infamous duck, concluded his 13-Test career (interrupted by World War 2) with 44 wickets at 30.27 - relative riches for English leg spin - a rotating cast has tried without much success or longevity.

One of the main topics of discussion was India's batting meltdown. In their first innings, Virat Kohli and company managed only 107 runs; in their second innings, they were all out for 130. The English bowling attack was also outstanding. Their fast bowlers were excellent, so they took 20 wickets in fewer than 83 overs. Even if he did participate, Adil Rashid did not impact his team's great victory. 

Fans prefer to remember India's second innings batting incident as the greatest part of the game. With Stuart Broad on the mound, India was 61 for 4. The English fast bowler had just taken two wickets in as many deliveries and was in position to potentially complete a hat trick.

TV graphics read "Chris Broad on a hat-trick" just before he scored his third goal. Since Chris Broad is Stuart's dad, it drew a lot of laughs.

Why isn't Adil Rashid in the band?
The last two games Rashid played could have been better ones. He didn't perform well in any matches, and as a result, he was not included in the band. But we hope he will get a chance to play and prove himself, and we will see Rashid Khan’s record-breaking performances in future.
What's Adil Rashid doing at the moment?
In addition to his professional cricket career, he and his brother operate the Adil Rashid Cricket Academy in Bradford. 
What is Adil Rashid’s net worth? 
As of 2023, Adil Rashid’s net worth is around INR 24 crores.