Everything You Need To Know About Indian Cricketer Suresh Raina's House In Ghaziabad.

Who doesn’t remember Suresh Raina? This left-handed batsman once ruled the hearts of fans and experts alike. Whether it’s tests or T20s, Raina played some fantastic knocks. People remember his innings even today. His popularity rose around 2010 when money started pouring on this batsman. People would flock to their TVs or mobile devices to watch Raina in action. He showed unique class in his batting style, which is why he is remembered today. The cricketer retired from the horizon but amassed immense wealth during his tenure. Let’s take a look at his house.

Suresh Raina News: His Residence

He lives in Raj Nagar. It’s one of the most affluent neighbourhoods of Ghaziabad. His cottage-style house is both modern and urban. The batsman prefers a clean architecture, and that gets revealed in the building. Suresh Raina grew up in Ghaziabad where he was popularly called Sonu. His posh house carries a price tag of 18 crore INR.

The house is lovely. It was built with Raina’s personality in mind – simple and minimalistic. Suresh Raina lives at his residence with his parents, wife, and children. His home is surrounded by lush greenery. It also features a stunning balcony where you get to see wonderful views of Ghaziabad. The house has a wooden porch and a large backyard.

Suresh Raina’s Luxurious House

Let’s get to the colours of the house. The living room colours are a blend of wooden textures, white, and beige. One complete wall is dedicated to the photos of the CSK vice-captain and his family. Then you see a pastel rug with exclusive details giving the room a lot of character. Lots of lamps and plants have also been specially chosen for this room.

Purple and red couches add a splash of hue to the space. The living room additionally features a large flat-screen TV and 4 leather sofas ideal for a game-watching season. Another seating area is graced by 2 wide chairs that are set against a brick wall. A faux rug in white colour next to the piano gives a chic touch to the corner area. Then you have fresh flowers. They look like a signature of Suresh Raina and his family.

The house has a lovely master bedroom. It has a king-size bed with blue-grey bed sheets and a bronze headboard that grabs your attention as you make an entrance to the suite. You’ll find a separate, special room in the house. It contains all the medals, trophies, and cups that Suresh Raina won over the years.

The balcony isn’t specifically ornamented. However, it stands out because it provides stunning views. Suresh Raina and his wife Priyanka furnish the balcony with a range of furniture pieces and potted plants. The house has a big backyard where Raina works on his fitness. There’s a lovely porch in the backyard too. While the space doesn’t have a full-fledged pool, Raina gets ice baths with the help of a big-sized blow-up tub.

The house gives a glimpse of the minimalistic yet elegant lifestyle of Suresh Raina. While it features many modern facilities, it’s cool with flowers and other natural additions. The abode looks like a calm nature resting in a concrete jungle. Plus, it highlights the personality of this great cricketer.

Suresh Raina records can woo the eyes of any cricket fan or expert. This point holds in the case of his house too. The cricketer’s residence is a well-crafted piece of design and personality. Let’s see what new additions Suresh Raina includes in his house in the coming years.

Who is the favourite cricketer of Suresh Raina?
Raina follows the legendary batsman, Rahul Dravid.
What is Raina’s favourite food?
Raina is fond of a wide variety of dishes. However, his favourite food is a plate of kebabs.
What are the hobbies of Raina?
The cricketer likes snorkelling and paragliding in his spare time.