Fabian Allen Ready To Return For West Indies After 'Difficult Time' For Him And Family

Fabian Allen has staged an impressive return to international cricket, declaring his availability for team selection in advance of the T20 World Cup; he has completed a six-month hiatus since his ultimate appearance in a West Indies jersey, during which the Fabian Allen family faced adversity and tragedy.

In early 2022, Fabian Allen, the gifted allrounder renowned for his left-arm spin, made the choice to forgo a retainer agreement offered by Cricket West Indies (CWI), resulting in his absence from the West Indies squad because of non-public reasons all throughout their home season.

In a heartfelt assertion, Fabian Allen shared the sad information of his father's demise due to cancer at the outset of 2022. He prolonged his deep appreciation to CWI for their unwavering guidance all through a pretty tough time for the Fabian Allen family. Despite those challenging situations, he emphatically affirmed his eagerness to soon constitute his country on the global cricketing stage.

Fabian Allen expressed his profound gratitude to his family, friends, and committed fans for their unwavering support over the last four months. He openly acknowledged the profound issue of dealing with the loss of his father to cancer, a period of deep private turmoil. He found solace in the understanding that his father had been his most ardent supporter and had the privilege of witnessing his son's adventure as an expert cricketer. Fabian Allen remains determined to continue making his father proud.

As a professional athlete, Fabian Allen learned to swiftly leave challenges behind and move ahead, though the past couple of months had been notably demanding. He expressed deep appreciation to the Mumbai Indians franchise for granting him the necessary time to manage his personal matters and for their flexibility with his schedule.

After laying his dad to rest, Fabian Allen immediately shifted his focus to the IPL. Although it kept him occupied and centred, he was aware that after the tournament concluded, he required some time away from the game.

Fabian Allen's recent performances in cricket have shown his resilience and determination. He was the leading run-scorer in the inaugural season of the 6ixty just last week, and he is set to represent Jamaica Tallawahs in the CPL. His aim is to secure a spot in the West Indies' T20 World Cup squad through strong performances in the upcoming matches.

Cricket West Indies has shown unwavering support throughout the entire process, and Fabian Allen expresses his gratitude to Johnny Grave (chief executive) and Jimmy Adams (director of cricket) for their consideration. He emphasizes his commitment to representing his country and the West Indies. 

Despite not explicitly stating the reasons for his unavailability during the recent summer schedule, he underscores the significance of completing his grieving process and spending quality time with the Fabian Allen family.

Most importantly, he has been preparing himself physically and mentally for the CPL and, hopefully, the T20 World Cup later this year. The best of Fabian Allen is still ahead, as he believes in his ability to become one of the world's finest batting allrounders and eagerly anticipates demonstrating it to the world.

Why did Fabian Allen take a break from cricket? 
Fabian Allen took a break from cricket due to personal reasons and the loss of his father to cancer.
When did Fabian Allen announce his return to international cricket? 
Fabian Allen announced his return ahead of the T20 World Cup, six months after his last appearance for West Indies.
What did Fabian Allen do during his break from cricket? 
During his break, Fabian Allen focused on his physical and mental preparation for upcoming tournaments like the CPL and the T20 World Cup.
Which team does Fabian Allen represent in the CPL?
Fabian Allen represents Jamaica Tallawahs in the CPL.