Former Cricketer Ajay Jadeja Talks About His Ambassador & Gypsy And The Lessons They Taught Him

In a captivating episode of the auto-centric series 'Carkhana,' former Indian cricketer Ajay Jadeja opens up about his passion for cars and the lessons they've brought into his life. While we're all familiar with Ajay Jadeja's stats on the cricket field, his multifaceted life off the pitch is equally fascinating. Beyond being a cricketer, Jadeja has also explored acting, coaching, and, most recently, cricket commentary.

A Car at Sixteen and Lessons in Responsibility

Ajay Jadeja's automotive journey began when he was just 16, purchasing his first car, a used Hindustan Ambassador, for Rs. 32,000. He bought it from a neighbor to commute to his Ranji Trophy matches. Despite his father cautioning him about the illegality of driving without a license, the teenage Jadeja went ahead. Looking back, Ajay recognizes this as a naive decision and one he regrets, acknowledging that it was a pivotal moment that changed his relationship with his father.

From Hindustan Ambassador to Maruti Gypsy: A Story of Love

Another memorable car in Ajay Jadeja's life is a Maruti Gypsy, bought brand new to impress his then-future wife, Aditi Jaitly, on Valentine's Day. To purchase the Gypsy, Jadeja had to sell off his shares in Reliance Industries. When he tells this story to his wife today, she thinks he is too mad to make such a decision. Yet, he lives without regret, cherishing the moments he's lived.

Ajay Jadeja's Present and Future Automotive Plans

Fast-forward to today and Ajay Jadeja is the proud owner of a Kia Carnival, becoming the first celebrity to purchase the MPV when it was launched in India in 2020. As for his future plans, Jadeja aims to buy a recreational vehicle (RV) inspired by the beautiful road travel experiences he's had in India during the pandemic years.

Ajay Jadeja: A Retrospective on His Cricket Career

Turning back the clock, Ajay Jadeja's cricket career was a rollercoaster. His career, brimming with potential, suddenly stopped due to a 5-year ban for match-fixing allegations in the early 2000s. Although the Delhi High Court lifted the ban, the promising all-rounder couldn't regain his earlier form, failing to add more milestones to his 15 Tests and 196 ODI matches.

The All-Rounder That Could've Been More

Jadeja made his international cricket debut in the 1992 Benson and Hedges World Cup. Despite being a standout performer in ODIs, his Test match record remained modest. Yet, Ajay Jadeja was a force on the field, showing his class, especially in the ODIs. He was part of some memorable partnerships and was a key player in India's journey to the semi-finals of the 1996 World Cup.

From Cricket to Television and More

After the ban, Jadeja returned to cricket, captaining the Rajasthan team in domestic matches. Besides that, he made his way into acting and television, although unsuccessful. Today, he is an expert cricket analyst, admired for his balanced commentary.

From Ajay Jadeja's wife to his iconic cricket career and now to his passion for cars, he remains an endlessly fascinating figure. Whether discussing Ajay Jadeja stats or the more personal aspects of his life, it's clear he's a man who's lived fully, embracing every opportunity and lesson along the way.

Who is Ajay Jadeja's wife?
His wife is Aditi Jaitly.
What are Ajay Jadeja stats in cricket?
He played 15 Test matches and 196 ODIs.
What was Ajay Jadeja's first car?
His first car was a used Hindustan Ambassador.
What car does Ajay Jadeja own now?
He currently holds a Kia Carnival MPV.