Former Cricketer Arun Lal Ties The Knot Again: Meet His Second Wife, Bul Bul Saha

Arun Lal, a former cricketer who is now revered as the head coach of the Bengal cricket team, is about to start a new love story. He is about to renew his vows at the age of 66, signalling a significant turning point in his life's journey. 

Bul Bul Saha - The Dawn of a New Love Story

Bul Bul Saha, Arun Lal's newfound love, perfectly encapsulates the soul of this endearing story. Bul Bul, who is now 38, has changed from a close friend to a soul partner, and their recent engagement has cleared the path for a future union. Their romance is a tale of rekindling friendship into a deeper, more meaningful bond.

Arun Lal’s Post-Wedding Festivities

Arun Lal and Bul Bul Saha will celebrate their marriage at the upscale Peerless Inn hotel in Kolkata after their wedding. A small group of treasured friends and family members will attend this reception, which is sure to be a happy event as they witness the start of this wonderful journey of union.

Similar to his cricketing career, Arun Lal's personal life has experienced its share of struggles and victories. His prior union with Reena, which was terminated by mutual consent and the acceptance of divorce, is a noteworthy feature of his story. Despite the distance, Lal's caring nature has prompted him to look after Reena, who is presently ill. This act of dedication and sensitivity serves as a heartwarming illustration of human connection.

Members of the Bengal cricket team, representatives from the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB), and close friends and family are among the distinguished visitors attending this important occasion. The anticipated attendance of BCCI President Sourav Ganguly lends an air of importance. The friendship that cricket develops is evidenced by the relationship that Lal and Ganguly have developed as a result of their affiliation with Bengal Cricket.

Arun Lal's Cricketing Odyssey

The cricket career of Arun Lal includes both his time as a player and his work as a commentator. He left his imprint on the pitch while playing for India in 16 Test matches and 13 ODIs between 1982 and 1989. Since making the switch to the commentary booth, he has lent his voice to both domestic and international games, sharing his knowledge and love of the sport.

A Gritty Triumph Over Challenges

When Arun Lal was given the news that he had jaw cancer in 2016, his life took an unexpected turn. He met this problem head-on and overcame it with extraordinary resiliency, inspiring many with his fortitude. After a 13-year sabbatical, he returned to cricket as part of his recovery process and led the Bengal cricket team to the Ranji Trophy final.

Bul Bul Saha and Arun Lal are about to embark on their second marriage, and a new dawn of love, hope, and new beginnings is emerging. Their union represents not only their journeys but also the ability of the human spirit to reconcile, love, and create. Cricket fans and well-wishers look forward to this momentous occasion with enthusiasm and eagerness, sending Arun Lal their best wishes for the glorious road ahead.

When is Arun Lal and his second wife's wedding planned?
The wedding of Arun Lal and Bul Bul Saha, his second wife, is scheduled for May 2, 2022, in his native Kolkata.
What makes Bul Bul Saha tick, and how did their bond develop? 
At the age of 38, Bul Bul Saha, who was once a close friend of Arun Lal's, has evolved into his newfound love and his soul mate. 
Who will be their expected distinguished wedding guests? 
The event is expected to be graced by members of the Bengal cricket team, representatives from the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB), close friends, and family. The tournament gains importance from the presence of BCCI President Sourav Ganguly.