Former England Women's Cricketer Isa Guha Ties The Knot With Boyfriend Thomas - A Joyous Celebration Of Love And Cricket

Isa Guha is well-known among the masses for her outstanding good looks and exceptional cricket abilities. Her commentary on matches these days is also skipping many people's heart beats because her impactful presence is just noteworthy. She had a successful playing career and now has an established profession as a sports commentator and presenter. This Former England women's cricketer married her boyfriend Thomas in 2015, beginning a new chapter in her life. The wedding took place in Cornwall, England. Guha posted photos from her wedding on Twitter. She also included a lovely message with the pictures. 

Know more about Isa Guha's husband, Richard Thomas 

Isa Guha and Richard Thomas' relationship is a lovely example of love and shared passion. Their passion for cricket brought them together, and they've frequently discussed how their friendship over the sport strengthens their relationship. Their private wedding in 2015 marked a crucial milestone in their relationship. Richard Thomas  is a musician and the frontman for the band "Brother and Bones." His musical abilities have been acknowledged in the industry, and he has recorded several solo albums. Surprisingly, Thomas shares Guha's passion for cricket, resulting in a perfect balance in their relationship.

Isa Guha wedding details

Isa Guha married her long-term friend Richard Thomas in a beautiful location. The pair posted wedding photos to their social media accounts. Isa Guha looks stunning in her cream-pastel Indian wedding gown. Her wedding dress had been embroidered with crimson roses, which enhanced her beauty. She chose to wear Indian jewellery and a garland, giving her a total royal look. The wedding was a quiet affair, with just close friends and relatives invited. Richard Thomas, on the other hand, stood out in an arctic blue suit with a maroon tie and knotted hair. The couple had an Indian wedding with an Indian theme, and everything was decorated according to Indian culture. Fans were overjoyed to witness their favourite player marry the love of her life. Isa Guha's admirers congratulated the new couple with best wishes, comments, heartfelt videos, and pictures.

Isa Guha has had a successful cricket career and is now conquering hearts with her remarkable oratory and match analysis. In India, Isa Guha's IPL commentary was well received. She is also a strong advocate for women's rights and equality. She was recently praised for questioning the BCCI for not paying the Indian women's cricket team equally. She also stated that the Indian women's team will dominate the international circuit if given the same regard as the men's team. Isa Guha's news regarding the support for the Indian women's cricket team spread like wildfire, and people admired Isa Guha's bravery and fierceness in always standing up for what is right.

What was Isa Guha's outrageous comment on Adam Gilchrist?
Isa Guha, a former England women's cricketer, has a way with words and can hold her own in the commentary box. Guha is a member of the expert commentators panel for Australia's ongoing Big Bash League (BBL) 2021-22. She was just a part of a humorous discussion with former Australian wicket keeper Adam Gilchrist.
Guha's 'double meaning' question during a debate about bowling the 'carrom ball' startled the commentators and divided cricket fans. Speaking of the carrom ball, Isa Guha and Gilchrist's co-commentator recounted how a coach chose bowlers with the longest middle finger as carrom ball bowlers. While the former England cricketer was referring to the finger, her remark, "How big is yours," was interpreted otherwise. Gilchrist, too, couldn't stop laughing.
What is Isa Guha’s age?
Isa Guha’s age is 38 years.