From Gopalganj To The Wankhede – Arshad Khan’s IPL Journey

On February 13, 2022, Arshad Khan's family had more on their minds than just prayers at the mosque. Arshad's brother Zakariya and their father knew the IPL auction was happening 1450 km away in Chennai. Zakariya had a hunch that Arshad's name would soon be announced. "As we were heading to pray, I told my parents that Arshad's turn might be coming up," Zakariya recalled. When the Mumbai Indians finally selected Arshad, it was a moment of pure joy for the family.

The Humble Beginnings: Arshad Khan Stats

Born and raised in the small village of Gopalganj in Seoni district, Madhya Pradesh, Arshad faced considerable challenges. The village lacked even basic cricketing facilities. But that didn't deter him. Arshad Khan stats speak of a young man who used whatever means available to hone his skills. His brother claimed he never missed out on his practise sessions as well. 

Arshad Khan's age didn't spare him from life's harsh realities. Just before the 2022 IPL season, at 25, he suffered an injury that sidelined him. 

A year later, at the same age, Arshad Khan finally got his chance to play in the opening game of the IPL season against Royal Challengers Bangalore. It was a nerve-wracking start with three wides, but he soon found his groove and showcased his wrist position and swing, his most trusted weapon.

A Master of Swing: Arshad Khan Stats

Arshad Khan's bowling abilities have been evident from his performances in age-group tournaments and the DY Patil T20 Cup. He is particularly known for his swing. In the DY Patil Cup final, Arshad Khan exhibited remarkable poise under pressure. Although he was hit for boundaries, he restricted the runs and even took a wicket.

Batting Abilities: Arshad Khan Stats

Arshad Khan stats also reflect his capabilities as a batsman. He has shown his mettle in various tournaments, including a standout Under-25 CK Nayudu Trophy performance. 

Arshad Khan's age has been no barrier to his dreams. From his early days as a schoolboy batter to his recent IPL debut, he has consistently demonstrated his talent. While he is yet to play in international matches for the country, his stats reflect his potential. The fans eagerly await his debut in the international arena. 

How did Arshad Khan's family react when he got selected for the IPL?
Arshad Khan's family was filled with joy and expressed gratitude to the Almighty. They even jokingly mentioned the idea of opening a shop due to the number of well wishers.
What obstacles did face during his life?
Growing up in a small village with limited cricketing facilities Arshad Khan had to find innovative ways to practise. Additionally Arshad Khan had to overcome an injury before the 2022 IPL season with support from the Mumbai Indians.
What sets Arshad Khan's bowling apart?
Arshad Khan swing and wrist position make his bowling special. He can swing the ball both ways and has mastered reverse swing that makes him a formidable bowler.
How did Arshad start his cricket journey?
Arshad Khan began honing his cricket skills in his village using tools for practice.