From School Crush To Wife: The Adorable Love Story Of Ravichandran Ashwin And Prithi Narayanan

Love stories frequently develop in the most delightfully surprising manner and have demonstrated that fate has a way of uniting two souls. Childhood friendships can develop into lifetime relationships, and the same was evidenced by the path of Indian cricket Ravichandran Ashwin and his wife, Prithi Narayanan. Their love story is not just a tale of two love birds but also shows the value of perseverance and sincere connection. 

An Unexpected Encounter

Prithi Narayana, a skilled IT expert and our well-known-off-spinner in the world of cricket, Ravichandran Ashwin, started their career as classmates. When they were students at Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Chennai, they first ran across each other. Prithi was absorbed in her studies while Ashwin was working on his cricket technique. Although they did not talk much, they did have a casual acquaintance at that time. 

Blooming of Friendship

Both Ashwin and his wife's fate stepped in when they reconnected on social media years later. They were able to revive their friendship thanks to the advancement of technology and the internet. Therefore, what began as merely a virtual friendship grew more in-depth over time and a true friendship developed. They formed an enduring connection through exchanging ideas and amusement, and a close relationship developed between them.

A Love That Stood The Test Of Time

The wonderful adventure did not end there when they became friends; it was just the beginning. Over time, Ashwin and Prithi learned that they had similar interests, values and communication styles. Their relationship developed slowly but steadily and was marked by its sincerity. They encouraged one another's dreams and accepted one another's passions.

Their relationship had its share of difficulties. Due to Prithi's rigorous job and Ravichandran Ashwin's hectic cricket schedule, he frequently had to deal with prolonged physical separation. However, despite the distance between them, they were able to stay connected because of their undying dedication and faith in one other's love.

The Proposal

After being close friends for several years, Ashwin understood that his feelings for Prithi had developed into something more. He worked up the guts to ask her to marry him, advancing their relationship. Ravichandran Ashwin's wife said on AJIO Match Center Live's 'Hangout' show on JioCinema how Ashwin proposed to her and said that he took her to a cricket ground. She said Ashwin liked her all her life, and it has not changed over ten years. She quoted Ashwin's words, "We are adults, and let's try this." Later in the show, Prithi also played some unique games with the hosts to find out about her relationship with her husband.

A Life Together

Ravichandran Ashwin and Prithi marked the journey of husband and wife with their magnificent wedding. Their marriage served as a symbol of their devotion to one another and the joy of beginning a new phase of their lives. Their relatives, as well as friends who had seen their relationship develop over the years, joined them in celebrating their shared adventure.

The heartwarming love story of Ravichandran Ashwin and Prithi Narayanan is a touching illustration of how a childhood bond may develop into a passionate and enduring love. Their transformation from classmates to friends to life partners is proof of the strength of their sincere friendship, endurance and unflinching dedication. Also, their tale serves as a reminder that while there are many different types of love tales, the essence of a relationship is determined by the sincerity and depth of a couple's connection.

In which year did Ravichandran Ashwin get married?
Ravichandran Ashwin and Prithi got married in a joyous ceremony that took place in the year 2011 in November. Their marriage was the beginning of their companionship.
Do Ashwin and Prithi have any children?
Yes, Ravichandran Ashwin and Prithi have two daughters. The pair welcomed their first child in 2015 and their second in 2020. 
What is Ravichandran Ashwin's net worth? 
As of 2023, Ravichandran Ashiwn's net worth is Rs. 120 crores.