From Shoaib Malik To Shaun Tait: Overseas Cricketers Who Tied The Knot With Indian Beauties

Cricket has become a glamorous game today. Take a look at IPL matches, dive into the glamour associated with other T20 tournaments around the world. You will see cricketers and beautiful women together. The tradition is not new. It is a time-horned custom that exists even today. From veteran cricketers to emerging talents, players like to marry lovely ladies. However, Indian beauties enjoy an edge over others. Whether it’s Shaun Tait or Shoaib Malik, overseas cricketers have been after Indian beauties and later married them. Let’s take a look at the story behind those marriages.

Shaun Tait News: He Tied Knot With Mashoom Singha

Former Australian pacer, Shaun Tait married Mashoom Singha in 2014. They both met each other at an IPL party. It was like love at first sight for both. You can also find Shaun Tait images with Mashoom Singha during that party. They bonded instantly and decided to marry after one year of dating. Today, they have a lovely child. In an interview hosted by HT, Shaun stated that Australian men are not too romantic. He cites his mistakes in his relationship with his wife.

According to Shaun Tait, he often sends yellow orchids to his wife at her workplace and forgets that it was a public holiday that day. He says that he lags on many terms in his relationship. Despite this fact, the couple had a strong bond. They like each other, and they look after their child. Shaun states that his heart is always with his small family even when he is far away.

Shoaib Malik Tied Knot With Sania Mirza

When it comes to foreign cricketers who married Indian ladies, Shaun Tait is not all alone. Shoaib Malik and others are in the pipeline too. Shoaib married the Indian tennis superstar Sania Mirza. Their story is not free from controversies though. While Sania broke her engagement with Sohrab Mirza (her childhood friend), Shoaib was in a controversy over his marriage with Maha (an Indian woman).

It took a long time before the duo married. Sania had to face backlash from Maha’s family for coming in between Shoaib and Maha. Maha’s father, on the other hand, filed a suit against Shoaib stating that he was already married to his daughter. The issue was settled after the intervention of close friends of both families. Both Sania and Shoaib enjoy a happily married life just like Shaun Tait and Mashoom Singha.

Other Overseas Cricketers Who Married Indian Women

Besides Shoaib and Shaun, many other foreign cricketers tied the knot with Indian women. When asked about their choice, each cricketer had his reason. However, most of them cited love as the primary reason. Some players even stated that Indian women are far too loved than others. Their attitude and affection surpass that of other ladies.

Former Pakistani batter, Mohsin Khan fell in love with Reena Roy at the very first sight. The duo married in a lavish ceremony held in Karachi, Pakistan. However, the couple later realised that they were 2 different individuals having different mindsets. So, they parted their ways.

The ace cricketer from Sri Lanka, Muttiah Muralidharan married Madhimalar, a Chennai girl in 2005. They live happily and have a child named Naren after one year of their marriage. Glen Turner, once the pride of the Kiwi cricket team married Sukhwinder Kaur in 1973. Sukhwinder also worked as Dunedin’s mayor from 1995 to 2004.

The liking for Indian beauties is not new. Many overseas cricketers have chosen Indian ladies as their wives in the past. The tradition continues with Shaun Tait and Shoaib Malik marrying Indian ladies too. Let’s see who is next in this line.

What attracts foreign cricketers to Indian women?
Most cricketers think that Indian brides are more good-looking and affectionate than others.
Has any Indian cricketer married a foreign woman?
There are many examples in this respect. Raman Lamba, the former Indian opener, married an Irish woman.
Who is Shaun Tait?
He is a former Australian bowler, known for his sheer speed.