Glenn Maxwell At Rcb A Different Tale

A known name in Australian Cricket, Glenn Maxwell proved his worth in the initial editions of IPL. However, recently, he has been rewarded with the tag of an expensive cheerleader. Even though this sounds rude, it is wholly based on his performances that have been dropped consistently. He was an asset for every team he played. However, now it just turns out that he's an expensive liability.

Early Cricketing Career of Glenn Maxwell

Glenn Maxwell was born on 14 October 1988 and is a brand name in the Australian cricket field. He has played many test cricket matches and one-day internationals. He was a member of the winning team of the World Cup in 2015. He made a winning boundary that led to Australia’s win.

He was born in Kew, Victoria and played junior cricket. His confidence was highly praised by his team members during his sweep shots. The media and his teammates called him “The Big Show” due to his extravagant shots.

Glenn Maxwell’s IPL Career 

Punjab super kings paid a total of ₹10 crore for including Glenn in their team. His IPL routine seems to be a paid vacation to many team members and loyal cricket fans. They have been extremely disappointed by him due to his negligent playing ways. 

“The team bought him at a high price of 10 crores. Glenn’s routine in IPL games was similar to a high, all-expenses-paid vacation." These were the exact words by Sehwag about Glenn Maxwell in the IPL 2020. This season was the worst for Maxwell as he didn't hit any maximum. 

After his eviction from the Punjab team, he was taken up by Royal Challengers Bangalore. They paid an additional ₹4 crore (total ₹14 crore) to acquire him. His score for IPL 2021 was just an average of 23 runs which did not substantiate the expectations from him.

The Dilemma of the Batting Position 

Glenn Maxwell has a well-built career in the T20s while playing for Australia. In a total of 72 matches, his performance has been floating. He has batted at all positions from opener to eighth, which proves his versatility. However, he has majorly plated at the 4th position and is the best at it. He batted as the fifth batsman for PBKS, which added to his downfall. On the contrary to that, he batted in 4th position for RCB, which is his most favoured. He initially takes a slow hand at making runs and gradually picks up speed. Overall he made a score of 145 runs for RBC, which is excellent for a 4th positioned batsman. Hence from these incidents, it is safe to conclude that batting position massively affects the gameplay.

IPL has players from all over the world that use different ways to make a difference. So a batsman should be ready to face any kind of bowling and be thorough with his batting position order. He has played at the opening position, the third and the seventh as well, showing immense versatility. He is an anchor to the team by being consistent with the bat. However, he can also be called upon for powerful hitting. 

This information about Glenn Maxwell tells us about his approach toward his dreams and passion. The cricketing career of Maxwell has been full of ups and downs. On considering Glenn Maxwell's stats, he has always tried to keep the head of Australian cricket high. Every cricketer has their own difficulties in making a name for themselves. However, what’s most important is that the cricketer doesn't give up on his dreams and continues to work hard for success. He never gave up on his dream of being a cricketer despite all the negative comments that came his way Nothing comes for free in life, and Glenn Maxwell is a great example of the same.