Harbhajan And Pathan's Explosive Reaction: Unraveling The Controversial Act Of Liam Livingstone In PBKS Vs RR IPL Match

A cricketing extravaganza that has captivated millions worldwide, the IPL is about more than sixes, fours, and great performances. It's about unexpected and contentious moments that keep fans riveted to their TVs. Former Indian cricketers Harbhajan Singh and Yusuf Pathan were enraged during a 2023 IPL match between the Punjab Kings (PBKS) and the Rajasthan Royals (RR).

The Livingstone Effect on PBKS

The Punjab Kings' 2022 and 2023 stars included England international cricketer Liam Livingstone’s IPL journey. He became their most important and effective batter, improving their performance. In the previous season, Livingstone scored 437 runs in 14 innings and took six wickets. PBKS placed sixth in the IPL despite his efforts.

Liam Livingstone scored 279 runs in nine matches in 2023, including two half-centuries, with his highest score being 94. After losing to the Rajasthan Royals in Dharamsala, PBKS dropped to seventh place despite his fantastic performances.

The Disputable Act

Livingstone was ineffective against RR, unlike his prior performances. In the seventh over, Navdeep Saini struck and dismissed him for 9 runs off 13 balls. The ball nipped back in swiftly, and Livingstone failed to connect with a powerful swing, shattering his stumps.

However, what followed confused viewers and cricket analysts. Instead of being upset, Livingstone laughed, evidently laughing at himself. 

Harbhajan and Pathan's Fury

Harbhajan and Pathan, known for their toughness on the pitch, were furious with Livingstone's behaviour on air. Pathan said, "If we were coach, captain, or mentor of Punjab Kings and you laugh after getting out to that sort of a shot, then we will never pick you (to play in IPL) again." Harbhajan concurred; Livingstone's gesture was especially important given the team's fragile position in a key contest.

According to cricket tradition, batters must not laugh at their own or teammates' dismissals. This behaviour is often seen as insincerity. Harbhajan and Pathan's reaction showed their respect for the game and their disappointment in a professional cricketer dismissing them lightly, especially in a crucial IPL match.

Match Continues

Despite Liam Livingstone’s odd departure, the Punjab Kings fought. Jitesh Sharma's 28-ball 44 provided some fight. A blazing 73-run combination between Sam Curran and Shahrukh Khan boosted PBKS's innings. Curran's 31-ball 49, full of boundaries and sixes, and Shahrukh Khan's 41 off 23 balls kept the scoreboard ticking. PBKS scored 187 for five, which was competitive.

Liam Livingstone's odd act and Harbhajan Singh and Yusuf Pathan's angry response will rank among the IPL's many scandals and dramas. Despite the exhilarating cricket, a great player's surprising behaviour stole the focus. 

What did Liam Livingstone do to anger Harbhajan Singh and Yusuf Pathan?
Liam Livingstone's matches led to a controversial deed that occurred during an IPL match between the Punjab Kings (PBKS) and Rajasthan Royals. Livingstone laughed after being fired for 9 runs, evidently finding humour in it. 
Why did Harbhajan Singh and Yusuf Pathan hate Livingstone's laughter after his dismissal?
Cricket players should not laugh or cheer after their or their teammates' dismissal. Such behaviour is generally perceived as a lack of game spirit. Harbhajan and Pathan, known for their toughness, were upset to see a professional cricketer dismiss a player lightly, especially in a key IPL match.
Can you describe Liam Livingstone's IPL 2023 performance?
Liam Livingstone excelled for Punjab Kings (PBKS) in the 2022 and 2023 IPL. In the previous season, he scored 437 runs in 14 innings and took six wickets. His form continued in 2023, scoring 279 runs in nine matches, including two half-centuries, despite PBKS' IPL troubles.
How did PBKS and RR play after Livingstone's dismissal?
PBKS fought after Liam Livingstone’s removal. With his 28-ball 44, Jitesh Sharma provided vital resistance. Sam Curran and Shahrukh Khan's 73-run partnership improved PBKS' innings. PBKS scored 187 for five, which was competitive.