Haris Rauf On Virat Kohli's Sixes: 'Had DK Or Hardik Pandya Hit Me Like That

Even months after India's exciting triumph over Pakistan in the T20 World Cup match in October, Pakistan's star speedster, Haris Rauf, is still in awe of Virat Kohli's two spectacular sixes. Haris Rauf thinks that only Virat Kohli, the best cricket player in the world, can hit him for two sixes.

If Pandya or DK had hit me for sixes, I might have been hurt, but Kohli is in a different class

What is Haris Rauf's latest news? 

Haris Rauf thinks that only Virat Kohli, the best cricket player in the world, can hit him for two sixes. Rauf revealed to a Pakistani news outlet for the first time that he felt "hurt" if Hardik Pandya or Dinesh Karthik had hit him the way they did. India beat Pakistan's bitter rivals by four wickets thanks to an unbeaten 83 from Virat Kohli off 52 balls.

Kohli needed 28 runs off the last over, and he gave Haris Rauf a back-foot punch for the ages by lofting the ball down the ground before flicking him behind square to effectively end the game in the previous over.

No other player can hit the kind of shots he plays, and I don't think anyone else could smash the two sixes he hit. In an interview for the website 'Cricwick', Rauf said, "A strike like that from Dinesh Karthik or Hardik Pandya might have hurt me, but not from Kohli."

Look, India needed to score 31 runs off the final 12 balls. I had only allowed three runs in four pitches. Haris Rauf: "I purposefully gave Nawaz, the spinner, at least four huge boundaries in the 18th over so that he would have to defend more than 20 runs.”

During the 2018-19 series, the final Test was played at the SCG, and Haris Rauf revealed he had a good relationship with Kohli because he had bowled to him in the India nets.

In Sydney, where I was playing Grade 1 club cricket, I bowled for the Indian team. All the players, including Virat Kohli, KL Rahul, and Ravi Shastri, have welcomed me with open arms. Ravi Shastri expressed his delight at my progress and accomplishment during the World Cup.

"Kohli has also been appreciative. He mentioned that you bowled in our nets, so it's great to hear you're succeeding on the world stage.”

Right-handed Pakistani fast bowler Haris Rauf is on the rise. He is Pakistan's most dangerous fast bowler because he uses his height as an asset. During the 2019–2020 Big Bash League season, he recorded a hat trick while playing for the Melbourne Stars against the Sydney Thunders. Being the first Pakistani to do this is a significant accomplishment.

Where was Haris Rauf born?
Although Rauf's parents chose to have him born in Rawalpindi, Punjab, his family hails from Mansehra in Pakistan's Hazara province. 
Why is Haris Rauf famous?
Rauf's ascent to stardom can be attributed to several standout performances. During the T20 World Cup, his quickest delivery was clocked at 159 kph, which he bowled at England. His fastest PSL 2023 delivery was clocked at 154 km per hour.
What did Haris Rauf do before cricket?
Rauf, now 29, said he had to juggle school and a sales job while learning the ropes of tape-ball cricket.