Harshal Patel Net Worth, Salary, Endorsements, Cars, And House

Harshal Patel is an Indian cricketer who was born on November 23, 1990, in the Indian state of Haryana where he presently serves as captain of the state squad. Harshal Patel’s debut in T20 was against New Zealand on November 19, 2021, and has also played Indian Premier League for the Delhi Capitals and Royal Challengers Bangalore. 

The Indian bowler was also part of the youth set-up for the Indian team and participated in the 2010 U-19 World Cup on behalf of India. In this article, we will have a look at Harshal Patel’s salary, net worth, endorsements, cars, and house.

Harshal Patel's Net Worth

Harshal Patel is an international cricketer for India and has a net worth of $4.21 million. He made his domestic cricket debut in 2009 for Gujarat and for the past three years. For the past three years, he has been playing for Royal Challenger Bangalore in the IPL. Harshal Patel's IPL salary plays a major role in his net worth, as his primary source of revenue comes from match fees and IPL sponsorships. 

Harshal Patel's net worth of Rs. 34.78 crores, or $4.21 million, has grown by 319.15% this year. He makes between Rs.10 to 11.16 crores annually, playing both domestic and international cricket. 

Harshal Patel Salary and IPL Money

The monthly salary of Harshal Patel ranges from Rs. 91.09 lakhs to 93.02 lakhs. He has represented the Indian National Cricket Team, for which the BCCI gave him a match fee ranging from Rs 3 lakhs to 6 lakhs. Harshal was sold to the Royal Challengers Bangalore franchise in IPL 2022 for the amount of Rs. 10.75 crores, while his base price was just Rs 2 crores. 

As a result of his success, Harshal Patel’s net worth has steadily increased over time. He started out as a young cricketer in India and progressed through several domestic cricket competitions.

Harshal Patel Endorsements

The world of cricket is not just about what occurs on the pitch; it also provides a platform for players to gain endorsements from companies hoping to link their fame with theirs. Due to his popularity, Harshal has received endorsements from national and international companies. Due to his captivating presence, Patel has become a popular choice for businesses looking to collaborate with him to advertise their brand and services and also capitalise his fan base. Haeshal is currently endorsing SG Cricket and often purchases his shoes, bat and cricket equipment.

Harshal Patel Car and House

For many athletes, driving a high-end vehicle is a sign of achievement. This also applies to Harshal Patel. Although specific information regarding his automobile collection may not be easily available, it is normal for cricket celebrities to purchase expensive cars that are a reflection of their success and lifestyles. These vehicles frequently represent their hard work and act as a physical reminder of their accomplishments. While specific details about the vehicles Harshal possesses are not yet known, it is said that he owns a high-end SUV.

Harshal Patel’s rise from an aspiring cricketer to a well-known celebrity serves as a testament to the benefits of perseverance, hard efforts and unrelenting devotion. The potential that cricket holds for individuals who perform in the sport is demonstrated by his net worth, which is made up of his endorsements, IPL salary and the money he gets from playing domestic and international cricket for his country. 

Is Harshal Patel active on Social Media?
Yes, Harshal Patel’s social media channels, like Instagram and Twitter, are quite active. One can follow him to get updates and insights about his private as well as professional life. 
Has Harshal Patel won any awards?
Although he has not won any awards for his exceptional play during International matches, he has been a Purple cap holder for the IPL season 2021.
What is Harshal Patel’s wife’s name? 
Harshal Patel’s wife’s name is Devarshi Patel. They have been childhood friends and got married after dating for many years.