Heather Knight's Net Worth: A Glimpse Into The England Captain's Financial Success

Heather Knight is the captain of the England women’s cricket team and is one of the most popular cricketers in the world. Cricket followers keep wondering about Knight’s net worth and other lesser-known aspects of her life. 

This article will illuminate the England captain’s net worth and all other details there to know and quench their curiosity. 

Heather Knight’s Net Worth and Earnings 

Born on 26 December 1990 in Plymouth, England, Knight is one of the richest cricketers of England. According to various online resources, her net worth is $5 million approximately. Her salary falls in the range of 10,000 GBP to 18,000 GBP. 

In early 2023, the Independent Commission for Equity in Cricket (ICEC) recommended reducing the pay gap of international women cricketers with respect to their male counterparts. It has been decided that England’s women cricketers will be paid the same match fees as male cricketers from now onwards. 

The decision was taken when authorities saw many fans turning up for the Women’s Ashes played during June-July 2023. Knight hailed the decision as a “remarkable progress” towards inclusion in cricket. 

Before the Women’s Premier League (WPL) 2023 commenced in India, Heather Knight signed a contract of ₹40 lakh (approximately $4 million) to play for Royal Challengers, Bangalore. 

A Brief Overview of Her Success as an International Cricketer 

Knight is a brilliant top-order right-handed batswoman who also bowls occasional off-spin. She debuted as a national player in 2010 when she was selected to be a part of the national women’s team touring India. Knight was in it as a replacement for Sarah Taylor. She played in the fifth ODI of the Mumbai series and scored 49 in her first international match. 

In 2010 itself, she had her T20 debut during England’s tour of Sri Lanka. Knight’s Test debut followed in January 2011. 

The year 2016 would be marked in a golden in Heather Knight’s career. It was the year she was named captain of the national cricket team of England after Charlotte Edwards stepped down. Knight and her team made history, with England winning the Women’s Cricket World Cup in 2017. It was more special for Knight as it was her first World Cup. 

Knight was awarded the OBE (Order of the British Empire) the following year for steering her team towards a staggering victory in the World Cup final match. 

A Glance at Heather Knight’s Life 

As a child, Heather was enrolled in the local cricket club at Plymouth with her elder brother Steve. Her family has always been her source of strength and inspiration. Playtime with her brother was when she developed an interest in cricket initially. Later, when she enrolled at Plymstock Cricket Club, Heather Knight became the only girl to play in the Devon Cricket League. 

It was not “all play and no work” for Heather Knight. She was an academically bright student and even received an opportunity to enrol at the University of Cambridge to study natural sciences. But she chose to prioritise her cricketing career and didn’t opt for it. Later, Heather Knight studied for a BSc in Physiology at Cardiff University. 

Heather Knight is one of the highest-paid women cricketers in the world, and her generation of women cricketers has left the cricket ecosystem a more inclusive space than before, a task which wasn’t easy. It required a lot of dedication, effort, and love for the game.

In July 2023, the International Cricket Council (ICC) announced that men and women will receive equal remuneration at international cricketing tournaments, effective immediately. 

How old is Heather Knight? 
Knight was born in 1990 and is 32 years old. 
Who is Heather Knight’s partner? 
Tim Bromfield, who is an accountant by profession, is Knight’s long-time boyfriend. 
In which year was Heather Knight selected to play in England’s national women’s cricket team? 
In 2010, Knight got to don national colours for the first time while England was touring India.