Here Are 5 Interesting Facts About Roger Binny, The Next BCCI Chief

The 1983 World Cup champion Roger Binny will become the president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in his new position. During the BCCI's Annual General Meeting (AGM) on October 18, 2022, Sourav Ganguly, the current President for the past three years, will hand the reins over to  Roger Binny. Let's explore 5 fascinating facts about the person who will be taking on the new post as we wait for this change in leadership.

The architect of India's legendary World Cup victory in 1983

In 1983, Roger Binny was crucial to India's historic World Cup victory. He made an enduring impression on the competition as a medium-pacer by taking 18 wickets, the most in that esteemed edition. Binny's exploits with the ball helped India win the prized trophy, and his performance is still hailed as a milestone in the country's cricketing legacy.

Making a sacrifice for his son's aspirations in cricket

Roger Binny demonstrated integrity and commitment by making a considerable sacrifice for his son's aspirations in cricket. Due to Stuart Binny's potential selection for the Indian cricket team, he voluntarily withdrew from the selection committee. This kind deed demonstrates Binny's dedication to the game and his determination to stay clear of any possible conflicts of interest.

A Strange Entry on the BCCI's Draught Electoral Rolls

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) Draught Electoral Rolls had a peculiar and odd entry. Despite having Santosh Menon as his secretary, Roger Binny's name was on the list as the Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA) representative. The administration of Indian cricket became more intriguing as a result of this unanticipated turn of events.

Uncontested Election to the BCCI Presidency

There won't be any challenges in Roger Binny's path to the BCCI Presidency. There won't be any elections for any positions during the next AGM on October 18 due to the lack of any competing candidates. This seamless changeover is an indication of the support and agreement he has from the cricketing community.

Marking Independence Day in India

Roger Binny displayed his loyalty to the country on the 76th anniversary of India's independence by raising the flag. At the Srikantadatta Narasimha Raja Wadiyar Ground in Mysore, he made this symbolic gesture to express his abiding love for India and its illustrious cricketing history.

These intriguing details offer a look into Roger Binny, the man who would soon assume the office of BCCI President. He is a well-known character in the Indian cricket community thanks to his legacy in cricket, dedication to the game, and unusual experience working within the BCCI administration. Cricket fans are looking forward to his appointment and the improvements he would make to the expansion and growth of the game in India.

What is Roger Binny's cricket fame?
Roger Binny is famous for helping India win the 1983 World Cup. He was crucial to the competition, taking 18 wickets, the most in that famous edition.
What was odd about Roger Binny's BCCI Draught Electoral Rolls entry?
Roger Binny represented the Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA) on the BCCI's Draught Electoral Rolls, despite Santosh Menon being secretary. This surprise arrival intrigued the cricketing authorities.